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Name/Version: Melopoeia 1.1.2
Author: SebastienClara  
Description: Melopoeia is a melodic generator under constraints. To do this, it has 123 scales from various musical cultures, 21 pitch distribution modes, 2 rhythmic distribution modes and many other controls.
The different controls allow to simply or radically modify a generated melody. It is therefore possible to create melodic variations.

* Play
Starts the playback of the melody with play Button.
If you want to synchronize this button to Live's transport, midiCtrl button must be disabled.
If you want to control this button with MIDI controller or MIDI clip, midiCtrl button must be enabled. See MIDI interaction for more infos.

* Pitch distribution mode
song: modeling of human song.
rand: standard randomization.
The other modes are arpeggio modes. They can be used to generate a pool of notes that can be shuffled and renew the melody gradually with keep knob.

* Rhythm distribution mode
Rhythm: straight (all notes have the same length).
Euclidean: enables euclidean rhythm mode distribution.

* Melody distribution
You can choose number of notes per bar, number of bars of the melody and upper and lower range of notes in melody (ambitus of pitch distribution).

You can change note length, swing of the melody, velocity of notes, phase of melody (pattern offset) and you can use percentage chance of a rest in melody. When you create a clip, rests are included in created clips as muted notes.

For transposition, the transposition button allows you to modify the pitch of the melody in relation to degrees and not in semitone. With this feature, melody is therefore always diatonic! Octave knob transposes the melody in octave. This parameter determines the tessitura of the melody (bass, tenor, alto, soprano, etc.)

* New melody
New button generates a new melody. You can trigger new melody with the white keys of MIDI controller or MIDI clip only when midiCtrl button is enabled and only when all the MIDI notes are released, otherwise you transpose the previously generated melody (cf. MIDI interaction).

* Shuffle
Shuffle data of melody. You can trigger shuffle with the black keys of MIDI controller or MIDI clip only when midiCtrl button is enabled.

* Renew the melody gradually (keep knob)
Percentage chance to keep note in melody. This feature allows you to renew the melody gradually, but it is not taken into account when you push new button or change another parameter.

* Randomization
Enables the periodic randomization of settings of certain parameters. The small R buttons allow to enable or disable the randomness. Periodic randomization works only when Live's playback button is enabled.

* Clip creation
Creates a clip of melody in the same track. This feature only works with Live 11 and above. Also, playing clip with trigger Melopoeia unless disabled.

* MIDI interaction
When you keep MIDI note on, the next note does not generate a new melody, but transposes the current melody.
If you want to generate a new melody, you must release all MIDI notes before selecting a new one.

Black keys of MIDI shuffle data of melody.
[C-2-B0] : transpo=[0-6] ; octave=-3
[C1-B1] : transpo=[0-6] ; octave=-2
[C2-B2] : transpo=[0-6] ; octave=-1
[C3-B3] : transpo=[0-6] ; octave=0
[C4-B4] : transpo=[0-6] ; octave=1
[C5-B5] : transpo=[0-6] ; octave=2
[C6-B7] : transpo=[0-6] ; octave=3

* Info
Melopoeia is the fusion and augmentation of my two previous melodic modules (melodyByScales, melodyEuclideanByScales).

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New MIDI interaction

Adding chromatic scale. Useful for triggering chops with simpler for example.

Now, press play button starts the playback of the sequence at the first note. Previously, the playback of the sequence starts at the previous position.

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Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jan 17 2022 15:51:56
Date Last Updated: Feb 10 2022 07:01:45
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Device File: Melopoeia.amxd


excellent tres bonne id?e merci !

Merci?! La suite qui arrive tr?s prochainement, devrait vous plaire :)

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