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Name/Version: HALF - Rectifier 1.0
Author: FirediesProductions  


Supercharge your sound design!
HALF is designed to split the waveform into positive and negative polarities. From here you can bend each one separately with desired effects and plugins.

Take your sound designs to the next level with this truly unique Max for Live device.
HALF is both a half and full-wave rectifier.

Split your sound into negative and positive polarity.
Inspired by the modular systems approach, this device will help you rediscover new ways of using wave degradation. UTILITY includes DC filter and DC offset control as well as a mini oscilloscope.

You'll get:
-Rectifier Device
-2 Ableton Racks
-Exclusive Ableton Live Theme


Requirements: Ableton Live 11+ with Max for Live Support

Device Details

Tags effect, utility, other
Live Version Used: 11.0.12
Max Version Used: 8.1.11
Date Added: Jan 09 2022 16:47:18
Date Last Updated: Jan 09 2022 17:30:53
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


I quite literally paused every single step of your install process while watching the Quicktime video and did not deviate from a single instruction, and the method caused a complete debacle of invented projects copied to the original folder all the while loosing the reference both to the preset files for the device as well as the referenced files with the racks. What an utter mess. Did a complete delete, restart, reinstall. Second time was worse. Can you look at the advice and instructions again, please, and see what you may not be telling us?

while you're at it, could you perhaps be a bit more intentional as to where you are placing these files. Sure, Ableton has a default location for imported maxforlive files, however, this catch all location might not even be the best place to comply and put everything, and if it's going to not associate the presets with the device to begin with, why would anyone want to go with the choices that your install video is choosing by default? To begin with, I might as well put them somewhere I'll find them again, right? But again, I changed nothing, complied entirely, and just an entirely regretful mess.

After returning to the save locations or using the device manager, ableton doesn't even know where to find the presets, despite them being saved into the library. Furthermore, it makes a copy of the axmd file itself such that the search criteria doesn't even know if it's associating a copy or the originally intended device. Completely uninspired file management BS. Can you please advice a more recognized manner in which to associate presets. Why not assemble this into a pack or just do something that works, I could potentially go off in a OCD meltdown after this...

After going back just to see what would happen now that I followed the instructions exactly, NONE of the presets function. They all default to the central patch configuration, FDP - HALF-

Thanks for the gold theme! Very attractive indeed! I truly never make an exception but for the default color starters, but this one is muy rico!

My apologies for not being able to take down my melt down, here's how I'll make it up to you, and for those who might be interested in these devices:
it is a very paired back utility. There's no reason to save presets, and more than you might grab a utility device and adjust it to your current needs. The grouped devices are really no more complicated. It's two chains with the positive half on the top and the negative half on the bottom. The "utility" preset is only serving as an oscilloscope in order to determine whether the two haves are meeting up, which could only be an issue that I'd predict if your source sound was utilizing a dc offset. This "utility" preset is not necessary. There's a switch to account for this as well. There's a phase inversion. The "filter" preset like the utility is also leaving the wave file intact, it is only removing the DC offset if one exists.

Just reassemble HALF on a per-application basis. It couldn't be easier. Probably easier than trying to find where you saved your presets. This isn't a failing of the device, it's a disconnect on how m4l devices can save presets.

The results are so curious that I would not do it justice describing it. To really test my subjectivity, I'd have to consider whether I could emulate the same results in my sound design with other parallel processes and frequency filtering. This is a unique form of manipulation specific to wave folding. Can you only fold the characteristics impacted by other signal processes? Yes, this is how you would accomplish this.

It's a wonderful option for mixing in tones that retain the original tone center. When effects like reverb might otherwise cause an original signal to retreat from the mix, this is a subtle way of maintaining it's prominence while gaining the color of the effect. It's different than setting dry/wet to 50/50, for example, although you'll pay a bit of a CPU toll in adding instances of this device, it'll be worthwhile if that's the otherworldly result that you want to accomplish.

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