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Name | Version: auto-haas 1.0
Author: isfopo
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: auto-haas is a Max for Live device that automatically applies the Haas stereo effect in relation to the panning on the track the device is on. This means that when the track is panned to the left, this device will add a slight delay (~2 - 40 ms) to the right side of the track, and vice-versa, giving the audial illusion of space.


Live Version Used: 11.0.1
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Dec 29 2021 03:45:45
Date Last Updated: Dec 29 2021 14:51:18
Downloads: 0
License: Attribution
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I would like to buy your device but i keep getting error messages
Agree with Tebbes above: error messages on both apple-pay, and cc purchase attempts. No problem with CC. Appears to be some weirdness with your gum road set-up or something?
Payday would be great
stupid auto-correct: payPAL would be great

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