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Name | Version: M4L Rhythm composer 1.0
Author: egnouf
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: M4L Rhythm Composer is an instinctive & creatice Midi Beat Step Sequencer

Start with a blank sequence & create easily nice rhythmic percussions, drum lines, simple melodies, etc. in few minutes:

- Create modern sequences using the special WIZARD function,
- Morph patterns together,
- Create Glitch effect,
- Remix your production in real time
- Create groovy beat sequences using our special Roger LinDrum Swing mode.

Better than words, we propose you to test the plug in and tell us what you think !

- A fonctional DEMO is available here :
- If you want to see the plug-in in action, here is a teaser :
- Dedicated plug-in page (details, videos tutorials, etc.) :

We would like to thank our beta testers (Björn Kalkbrenner, Silvio Ecomo, Louis Levine & Chris Sharpe) who help us to bring this plug in beyond our first goals, we are really happy with the results and the different functions :)

We hope you will enjoy as we did to develop and use it !


Live Version Used: 9
Max Version Used: 8.1.11
Date Added: Sep 14 2021 13:07:56
Date Last Updated: Sep 20 2021 18:57:57
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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Loved instant / pro drummer, so this was an instant buy.

A couple immediate feature requests:

- Would love to see MIDI clip export functionality. Perhaps tied to the wizard function so it'll create a new midi clip every time it switches?

- Scale options so we can restrict notes to a certain vibe

- A wizard option for the Remix knob with adjustable range parameters for just the last bar of the phrase.

Otherwise love it! Great device. Definitely recommend.
Hello itsBREX,
thanks a lot for you compliments and here are some answers to your questions:

- midi export : this is a big work to do,
I found some libs that could help me but still some works to integrate them. So for the moment this feature is on standby on my side. However, there is a workaround, you could record the midi sequences using a a second midi track where the input is set to M4L Rythm composer.

- scale : This is feasible (and I have some codes for it coming from the MeloBang Plug in) but you need to give me more details : which kind of scale to you want ?

- wizard option on the remix knob : aie, I do'nt understand what you mean, can you re explain ?

Contact me from our website if you want and I could communicate with you in direct, and give you some other plug ins to test too :)

Regards, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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