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Name/Version: HydrasynthEssentials 0.1
Author: mmmgggmmm  
Description: a Max4Live controller for the essential functions of the ASM Hydrasynth. It allows bidirectional control of the critical parameters, with the primary goal of making them available for automation/modulation in Ableton Live.

The intended workflow is that the Hydrasynth hardware will store the core sound via a preset saved in one of its 5 banks and the M4L device will act as an 'override' for any supported parameter. The expectation is that the exploration of the sound will be driven by the hardware using the Hydrasynth's excellent user interface; the software will respond to the incoming MIDI data and set the controls accordingly. By default, the software controls do not affect the hardware until their values are first set by incoming MIDI; the reason for this is that it prevents the default values of the software controls from being sent to the hardware and messing up presets.

More info available on GitHub:

NOTE that the device is working well enough that I'm starting to use it in my main production template. No doubt there are still bugs. As I shake them out, I'll update the device.

If you use this device and find an issue with it, I'd prefer if you'd report an issue on GitHub rather than here, if possible. Thanks!

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Downloads: 397
Tags hardware, beta, push
Live Version Used: 11.0
Max Version Used: 8.1.10
Date Added: Jul 04 2021 20:51:25
Date Last Updated: Jul 04 2021 20:55:03
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: HydrasynthEssentials.amxd


Look great, thanks for the upload

I just checked it out, but I have some midi trouble.

It did not work with cc. I opened it with max and saw, a text about to use NRPN instead.
I changed it at the hydra and than, the plug in works. But,
it is not possible to record this automation. Tried to record knob movements from the hardware and the corresponding plugin controller stops recording after seconds. And Ableton recorded the NRPN also.

bit confusing so far, anything what I did wrong?

Would be great to have it working.

Thanks for your help



could you please update it for the new version 2 of the Hydrasynth os ?
Would be nice to have all the patch banks available for example...

Thanks, great work

... ok, that was easy. At least the patch banks F G H are now added

I don't know how to add a new download here. In case you are interested:

feel free. If you have any Idea how to add all the other new V2 features, let me know..


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