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Name/Version: SamSamSampler 0.2
Author: bass079  
Description: FIXED: input list not populating properly.

This is SamSamSampler, a Max for Live instrument designed primarily for live performance. It lets the user quickly record and play samples as one-shots or tempo-synced loops.

This is a limited beta (max 100 unique downloads). It's currently under development, so you're welcome to download it for free and play around with it. By supporting my work with a donation of your own choice, you will receive future updates of this device for free!

Here's how the device works: first, the user records a segment of desired length of real-time audio from the selected source (external input or any track, including Master). Then, the sample can be triggered by a MIDI note-on message as a one-shot or a loop. There are a few key things to know about this device:

The sample will be triggered in Gate mode, meaning that it will stop playing once it receives a note off message. However, if the player holds the MIDI note long enough, it will start looping.
The loop isn't quantized to the Live grid, but it's still tempo-synced! The loop length is adjusted dynamically so that the whole sample fits in, but instead of looping out of sync, it loops again at the nearest bar duration. Thus, the user can perform in sync with the tempo without needing a click track!
The recorded sampe may be any desired length - when looping, silence will be added at the end of the sample to make sure it stays tempo-synced.
Multiple instances of SamSamSampler can be inserted in a drum rack; each record button must be mapped manually, while the incoming MIDI note corresponding to the drum rack will start the loop.

I'm planning to implement the following features:

sync to a desired length (beats/bars)
toggle auto-expand loop length
filter, pitch and ADSR controls
waveform display
UI improvements

Device Details

Tags sampler
Live Version Used: 10.1.35
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: May 02 2021 19:26:53
Date Last Updated: May 04 2021 23:22:51
Device Type: instrument_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


hi there,
Great idea ! Waiting for this kind of stuff for a long time but unable to use it.
the list of input sources doesn't populate right. It is stuck on a few tracks that do not exist in my set, probably the tracks of your set. Must be missing a loadbang somewhere to reset?

Wow, thanks for letting me know. Must?ve been some mistake when adding features for the new version. Will check it out and post an update!

Hey, thanks for letting me know! Forgot to freeze the device... ????

Can you check out v0.2 and let me know if it now works?

Works perfectly ! Excellent !

Just for your information : I tried to use some of your patch, but actually without success (I am not skilled enough, definitly ;-)

Thanks ;-)

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