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Name | Version: Super Slow Audio 1.0
Author: gallobruno
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: "Super Slow Audio" is an Max4live that slows the incoming audio of a clip applying granular synthesis. It even allows to freeze it completely. Its made with the excelent jean francois charles externals:


First rec your audio from the live clip. Go wet, and start messing around with your mouse.
Optional parameter is "Jump", witch jumps across the buffer in a random way.


Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Jul 14 2011 20:51:17
Date Last Updated: Jul 20 2011 09:08:25
Downloads: 6314
License: None
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Device File: Super Slow audio 2.5.amxd


wow, amazing !!!
Is it normal I can not unlock to edit ? (I need to control this with my Lemur !)
Hi, Thanks!. You can't unlock it? Write me and will send you the code.
Some major problems with Max 1.5.8 and Live 8.2.6.... got as far as recording an audio clip, then hit the button underneath RECORD and it froze Live. Don't think I'll be trying again atm.. Either incompatibility with my system or there's a bug here.
This is the most fun I've had with a M4L patch in a long time. Truly awesome work!
Youtube vid is set to private.
hi Bruno, how can I reach you to ask for the code? Would like to further develop the external control.
Man what a device ! , Am amazed by its simplicity and powerfull potential . I would like to have maped to a knob or something else the wave position to granulate . I will try if you dont mind in max my self but im quite bad at patching ... Thanks

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