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Name/Version: MXL Pack 1.0
Author: midi2themax  
Description: Over FOURTY Max-for-Live MIDI devices for Ableton Live Suite version 10 and 11, designed for DJs, performers, studio musicians and composers, for any music genre and expertise level.

KEYBOARD ENHANCEMENTS: customize your MIDI keyboard with split points and overlapping layers, velocity scaling or custom velocity curves, velocity fade-in and fade-out near split points, and more. Implement a 4-state hold & sustain feature that no hardware MIDI keyboard offers, change the response curve of CC, Aftertouch or Pitch Bend messages, or selectively disable Pitch Bend up or down messages.

MONITOR AND FILTER: filter incoming MIDI messages, route notes to different destinations depending on their pitch and velocity. Transform incoming MIDI messages into a different message, e.g. CC into Aftertouch or Pitch Bend. Create flexible “note gates” where you dynamically decide which notes pass the gate and how their velocity is affected.

HARMONIZERS: create chromatic or diatonic (scale-based) harmonizers, with support for 400 scales. For each note you can select the interval, the velocity offset, the destination track/instrument and the delay amount, so that the harmonizer can also work as an arpeggiators – you can even play fewer or more notes depending on the incoming note’s velocity. Split incoming chords into distinct notes, process them individually or send them to different tracks and instrument, e.g. play a string quartet with a single hand or clip. Create “rotating” harmonizers by sending each note to a different chromatic or diatonic harmonizer, in a cyclic or random fashion.

NOTE GENERATORS AND PROCESSORS: delay all MIDI messages or just notes, control the minimum and maximum duration of notes, sustain notes for a time that depends on the original note’s velocity or duration, use portamento to move from one note to the next one with a glissando effect, send incoming notes to different tracks/instrument using a cyclic or random.

RANDOMIZATION: randomly drop notes with a given probability, create in-tune variations of a given melody by transposing incoming notes by a random scale interval. Delay all MIDI messages by a random time interval

PARAMETER MAPPING: map Live’s parameters to pitch or velocity of incoming notes, pitchbend wheel, number and average velocity of active (playing) notes. Create macro commands, to control up to 8 Live parameters with a single knob, which you can control via Automation or from an external MIDI controller, map two or more distinct MIDI message to the same Live parameter or combine two incoming messages using basic math operations. Detect pattern in musical phrases and use them to change Live parameters – for example, change scale when you play a given note three times


MXL FREE PACK (subset of 8 devices):

Device Details

Tags effect, utility
Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Apr 01 2021 16:40:38
Date Last Updated: Apr 01 2021 17:15:34
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Very nice and usefull package! Congratulations :-)

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