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Name/Version: Varations Control 1.0
Author: naerliona  
Description: This max device allow to control the variations in live 11

You can map until 16 racks link to this max device BY CLICKING ON THE FIRST (or another) MACRO OF THE RACK (you need to active the mapping by clicking on the black square)

The number set the corresponding variation
The num button allow you to midi map with more flexibility.

You can use the new, last, and random function.

With the select button on you can control the variations of the selected rack

Advices are welcome

Ce périphérique max for live permet de controler les variations dans live 11.

Vous pouvez assigner jusqu'à 16 racks relier à ce périphérique max for live EN CLIQUANT SUR LA PREMIERE MACRO DU RACK
Vous pouvez naviguer dans les variations en modifiant le numéro.
Le bouton num permet d'assigner en midi plus facilement

Vous pouvez utiliser les fonctions new, last et random.

Avec le bouton select activer vous pouvez contrôler les variations du rack selectionné.

Version 1.1


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Downloads: 330
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 11.0
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Mar 09 2021 12:46:14
Date Last Updated: Mar 10 2021 13:27:04
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: Variations control.amxd


mapping the first macro of a rack doesn't often doesn't do anything. using the "select" button, a rack's presets are selected but not triggered (i.e. the play button on the preset is not pressed/the macro knobs don't change to that preset). also the 'last' button doesn't seem to do anything.

@offthesky Thank for reply

Try the second (or another) macro when the first don't work

I fixed it for the select function

The last button recall the last variation you called when you move macros

Thanks for making this. I used the variations for the first time the other day and I thiught why can't you select indivual variations and I was just about to start creating a max for live device to do it - but hey presto - you beat me too it.

ok ok ok ...

The one thing that no one is talking about is that this device allows you to select macro variations via envelopes within a midi clip...

i.e. quantized change of macro variations triggered by launching a clip!
This is exactly what I needed!!!

Thank you so much!
If you could release it as a MIDI effect I would be endlessly grateful

I only can get to the 8 variation
afterwards it stops

ok I found the problem !
you need to open max for live, enter patching mode and

change the number rectangle range/enum from 1 8 to 1 32

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