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Name/Version: MegaMorph 1.1
Author: naerliona  
Description: This patch allow to control parameters in many ways.

The presets part allow you store and recall preset.
The num button allow you to midi map each preset.

The Morph part allow to morph beetween presets (in ms, quantize or manually)

You can random with different amount.

The first map button allow you to map each dial.

The second map button allow to map all dials to a device when you select a device.
With the select button on the dials follow the selected device. (like a blue hand)
The Synchro button synchronize the presets and the variations stored in rack in live 11.

Advices are welcom

Ce patch permet de contrôler des paramètres de plusieurs manières.

La partie preset permet de sauvegarder et de rappeler des presets.

La partie Morph permet le morphing entre les presets (en ms, quantiser ou manuellement)

On peut changer les valeurs de manière aléatoire avec plus ou moins d'éloignement par rapport à la valeur de base.

Le premier bouton map permet d'affecter chaque dial a un paramètre.

Le second bouton map permet d'affecter tout un periphérique (rack ou autre)
Avec le bouton select activer les dials suive le périphérique actuellement selectionné. (comme la main bleue)
Le bouton synchro synchronise les variations enregistrer dans les rack de live 11 avec les presets.

Version 1.1

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Downloads: 286
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Mar 09 2021 12:32:35
Date Last Updated: Mar 10 2021 13:19:22
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: MegaMorph.amxd


the second map button seems to only map to the megamorph itself and synchro buttons don't work (ableton 11, bundled max, win10). also the 'x' button, below each knob, doesn't seem to do anything (it doesn't remove the mapping).

I opened the code, and you have a problem. pattrstorage principal @savemode 0 is showing up in red on my device. it probably works fine on yours, but I think the download device button didnt give me all the files of the divice

It's just a color i set for find me
Do you any problem with the pattrstorage ?

@offthesky Thank you for reply

I fix it for the second map button

The x button doesn't remove the mapping but cut the dial output

seems to be a very powerful device... so far not able to test it fully.

but it seemes not to save the mappings :-/ maybe you know where this could be changed?

i have a m1 maybe thats a issue dunno

i made an observation.. it seems that it loads the correct mappings but half a second after opening it looks like its overwriting those

do you have a tutorial
of how to make a device you did?
in max for live ?
i mean programming in max

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