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Name | Version: Scrubber 1.0
Author: barstu
Device Type: Audio Effect


Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Jun 19 2011 12:38:53
Date Last Updated: Jun 19 2011 12:43:28
Downloads: 520
License: None
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Device File: scrubber.amxd


i was looking for something just like this... perfect! thanks for posting this.
will this also work together with the Contour ShuttlePro V2?
how you get the jog working together with the scrubbing in live?

Sorry I don't know about v2 of the hardware.

Best I can do is say try it and report what happens, I can try my best to fix.

If you drop the scrubber into any track it and plug the hardware in it should 'just work'. let me know what happens.
Thanx for your reply!
Yeah as soon i have the v2 i will tell you!
Can this work with any midi controller with a jog wheel?

I am trying to use a Numark Mixtrack 2 control a Max audio device that only accepts time-coded vinyl

Hi I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work as the scrubber looks for a human interface device. The Numark probably sends midi.

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