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Author: RogueLeada  
Description: this is an older version version of the device, the last version is here:

Control the whole Orchestra with one device

the device is an automatic orchestrator, you can create you own polyphonic algorythm and make convincing orchestral sketchpad VERY quicly!

Choose , edit or automate each instrument articulation keyswitch as well as tessiture and how it reacts to polyphony on a single GUI of the whole Orchestra

optimised to work with BBCSO Core edition but it will work flawlessly with the Discover & pro version.. or with your own instruments !


just a bit of promo for my music:

v2.0 articulations lists can be edited and saved within presets.
expression(cc11) and modwheel(cc1) crossfade algorythm for crossfading between instruments.
Velocities min max values by instruments to trig the desired notes with velocity.
second algorythm to force lowest notes or highest notes by instruments.
works with push and any control surfaces.
it responds to CC11, CC1, CC21 and CC7 , others CC are filtered unless you enable CC-THRU button

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Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jan 20 2021 15:35:43
Date Last Updated: Dec 03 2022 17:12:17
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Device File: DIVISI BBC SO



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