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Name/Version: Simple Clocked Sample and Hold for MIDI Messages 1.0
Author: LewdSmut  
Description: Please be aware: Note On and Note Off messages cannot be routed through the S&H by design so for now they go straight through the device unaffected, although I may add support for Note data in the future.

Simple MIDI Effect that reduces the rate & resolution of MIDI messages passed through the device, sorta like passing a signal through a clocked sample & hold. Set the "Time between MIDI messages" to determine the interval between "clock ticks" and only the most recent messages received during that interval will make their way to the output. In other words, the messages going into the device will between "clock ticks" will all be ignored except the most recent one. This allows you to slow down the rate at which MIDI messages are sent without introducing latency, but at the cost of resolution. This can be useful if you must send a lot of MIDI messages to a destination that may get overloaded due to its inability to process the incoming MIDI fast enough.

Any interval < 1ms will turn off the S&H completely and all MIDI will pass through unaffected. By default, all MIDI messages bypass the S&H. You can choose to route different types of messages into the S&H by activating the toggles below the labels for each type of message. Here's more info on each:

Ch. Press. --- Mono Aftertouch (Channel Pressure). Polyphonic Aftertouch (Polyphonic Key Pressure) is omitted from this device because it is not supported in Live 10.

CC --- There is no limit to the amount of CC#s that you can pass through the S&H, but keep in mind that once this is active ALL CCs will be routed through the S&H and affected by it.

Pitch Bend --- Self-explanatory

Pgm Chng ---- Program Change messages. I can't imagine much use for limiting the rate of Program Change messages but I included it anyway in case someone wants to get creative and run through a list of Program Change messages with an LFO or something.

MIDI Ch. --- MIDI Channel messages. As with Program Change messages, I don't think many people will be repeatedly and quickly changing the MIDI channel but I also included it in case someone wants to do that.

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Downloads: 178
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.1.30
Max Version Used: 8.1.8
Date Added: Dec 02 2020 01:36:59
Date Last Updated: Jul 03 2022 01:07:08
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: Simple Clocked Sample and Hold for MIDI Messages.amxd


Unsuable, I tried everything I thinked of to start it working, once it was placed on MIDI channel and triggered with MIDI Note. Without tutorial, I really don't se any use of this device. I also dont get, people make an device, spend so much time in it, or not - and after that skip to explain trough tutorial it's approach and possibilities, that is sad.

@planetarfractals Can you explain what you were trying to do in more detail? You mention MIDI Note data and if you're expecting this to work with Note On and Note Off data, I explain in the description that Note On and Note Off messages are not processed by the device and pass through unaffected.

It's the last sentence of the description: "Note On and Note Off messages cannot be routed through the S&H by design so for now they go straight through the device unaffected, although I may add support for Note data in the future."

I think you probably just missed that part. I'll move that part closer to the beginning, though. It will definitely be more convenient to people who want to use it for Note data since they will know immediately that it's not possible and won't have to waste time reading 'til the end to find out. Still, it's a good idea to read 'til the end of the description to see if there are answers to your questions. Thanks for the feedback.

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