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Name/Version: Roland SE-02 Controller - Pro Edition 1.2
Author: charlesparra  
Description: SE-02 Controller is a M4L midi device that enables control of the Roland SE-02 analog synthesizer in Ableton Live.

The layout of the controller places an emphasis on exploration and sound design by re-organizing the sections and clearly highlighting the current setting of each parameter.

All of the SE-02's internal patches are included, so the dials are synched and will reflect the parameter values of the internal patches.

Feature Highlights

1 - The SE-02's internal presets are accessed using the patch and bank selector buttons. Store an additional 64 user-defined presets using the Presets controller. All presets can be stored and retrieved from a file. Note that Banks A, B, C, and D are supported. The USER bank is not currently supported.

2 - Descriptions are provided for each parameter.

3 - All parameters can be controlled using an Ableton Push control surface.

4 - Easily select a random combination of oscillator settings.

5 - Patch morphing feature to gradually transition between 2 patches using the slider. See for a demo.

Additional features waiting for you to discover. (Hint: The R in ADSR)

Additional documentation can be found in

A free version without the internal patches is available. Search for "Roland SE-02 Controller - Free Edition Version 1.0"

Release History
7/15/2020 Version 1.0

7/17/2020 Version 1.0.1 Corrects a defect where changing the bank number in the controller ignored the selected patch and loaded patch #1 instead.

8/8/2020 Version 1.0.2 Current bank and program number are set correctly when saving and reloading an Ableton Live Set.

8/8/2020 Version 1.0.3 Current bank and program number are initialized correctly when loading a default set in Ableton Live.

8/12/2020 Version 1.0.4 Current bank, program number, and manual changes to parameter values that were saved to a Live Set are initialized correctly when reopening the Live Set.

8/15/2020 Version 1.05 Complete overhaul of the way banks and programs selections are synchronized.

10/2/2020 Version 1.1 Added Pitch and MIDI filter features. The name of the selected patch is displayed.

9/16/2021 Version 1.2 Added the patch morph feature to gradually transition between 2 patches using a slider.

Device Details

Tags synth, utility, hardware, push
Live Version Used: 11.0.6
Max Version Used: 8.1.11
Date Added: Jul 15 2020 13:06:56
Date Last Updated: Sep 18 2021 15:51:43
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


it's full working thank you man!

Awesome! Let me know if you run into any issues.

The vst plugin from SE is so buggy, yours is very welcome, thks !
An issue : when you save a session the plugin always recalls/sends
Pg 1 bank A no matter what is saved and the patch (so patch n1) is sent only if the track is saved armed. Can you fix this please ?
it would be convinient if the plugin could send the correct patch, its state when you open a session even if the track is not armed.
Also when you record automation from the synth it's recorded as clip automation (CC) not plugin automation (cut off...) it would be nice if it was record as plugin track/automation. Weird thing is that plugin parameters seem to follow the clip automation : for ex cut off parameter follows clip automation CC74 whereas there is no automation point for the cut off...don't know if I'm clear enough but please check plugin/clip automation.
Last thing : how to send the user bank to the plugin ?
Please keep me in touch

Hi gregosaure, I will look into addressing these issues this weekend. I currently do not support loading the User Bank. That would require sysex commands which are not documented by Roland. I started to look at how the SE plugin does it, but haven't committed to supporting user banks yet.

Hi Charles,
This is great news, thks.
I understand regarding sysex and I really hope you willl find a way to do this, having the user bank in your plugin would be awesome..
For now sending the bank preset to the SE02 when you open a session with the plugin would be great.
Please keep me in touch
I can test if want

Hi gregosaure, I just posted version 1.0.2 which fixes the issues with the bank and program not being sent to the SE-02 when loading a Live Set. I am still looking into the automation issue.

Hi Charles,
The preset is now saved and recalled correctly in the session but not sent to the synth so the issue remains.
To be clear, let's say the SEO2 is on Bank A pg 1 and I open a session with the plugin saved on Bank C pg 8, the SE02 stays on Bank A pg 1.
Please keep me in. toiuch
Have a nice day

Hi gregosaure, that is odd and I haven't been able to reproduce the issue using version 1.0.2. Can you let me know how you have the track configured?

My setup is to use a Midi track with an "External Instrument". I then add the SE-02 M4L device into the same track placing it before the external instrument. The external instrument is configured to send Midi to the SE-02 device on channel 1. Audio is configured to receive from the SE-02's stereo output ports. The midi track is configured to receive Midi from all devices, however I have since switch to setting the track that contains the SE-02 M4L device to only receive Midi from the SE-02 device on channel 1. I then created a separate Midi track that is configured to send Midi to the SE-02 via the external instrument input. I then set the Midi "From" on this separate track to which ever device I want to route midi output to the SE-02 track's input. For example, I have 3 separate midi controllers that I use to output midi note information. I use the extra midi track to switch between the available midi controllers that I want to receive midi note info from. This avoids issues when the source controller is also able to output program changes and cc info which wold otherwise be sent to the SE-02 M4L device.

Hi Charles,
Track is configured as you do : external instrument, the SE02 is midi connected to a babyface pro, so midi from the babyface...and midi track is set to all ins, all channels.
The plugin is definitely not sending the preset to the SE02 at the opening of a session.
It should normally and automatically, right ?
MAC 10.14.6 Live 10.1.17
Please keep me in touch

Perhaps I need to configure something ion the SE02 ?
Regarding automation : when you record automation from the SE02, it's recorded as clip automation/cc number (CC74 and so on) and not as track automation with plugin parameter such as cut off and so on.
It would be really great to have SE02 knob movement automation as plugin/track automation.
Thks (;

Hi gregosaure, this is how I have the SE-02 device configured:

Midi Channel = 1
Chain = Off
Auto Off = 240
Saver Time = Off
Send CC = U-M (Meaning sent to both the USB and the Midi ports)
Send PC = U-M
Sync = Internal
Midi key trigger = On
Midi thru = Off
Version = 1.11

I was studying up on automation, and since the M4L device is a Midi effect, I don't think it is possible to record anything other than CC messages. I can be wrong here as I don't have a lot of experience with recording automation, but wouldn't recording of plugin parameters only apply to AU and VST plugins?

Hi gregosaure, I did notice that when I start Ableton using a default set, the bank and program saved in the default set are not sent to the SE-02 device upon initialization. I will work on correcting that. Is that what you are experiencing?

Hi Charles,
Yes that's totally what I mean/experiencing.
And I think this is a really important thing for the plugin, it must recall/send the preset and all the parameter values saved with the plugin in the session as soon as you open the session.
For me this is the main reason I bought it.
Regarding automation, in both case we're talking about CC.
Please try to automate the SE02 from the SE02 hardware, knob movements and you will see that automations are recorded in the clip with cc number such as CC74 for the cut off and so on as opposed to "track automation" or device/plugin automation recorded on the track level like volume or pan automation.
Please keep me in touch
Thks !

Hi gregosaure,can you see if v 1.0.3 fixes the initialization issue.

Hi Charles,
No change, still no initialization.
SE02 configured as yours
Keep me in touch

Hi gregosaure, I think I understand the problem now and am working on a fix.

great ! (;
keep me in touch

Hi gregosaure, I just posted version 1.0.4. I tested this version by selecting a bank and program, making changes to the parameter values so that they are different from the values from the internal patch and saved as a Live Set. Confirmed that both bank, program and changes to the parameters were recalled correctly.

Hi gregosaure, my apologies but I discovered another issue. I need to more testing before pushing out the updates. Allow me a few days to get this sorted out.

Hello Charles,
I can confirm 1.0.4 recall/send patch when opening a saved session is not working.
Please keep me in toiuch

Hi gregosaure, I re-worked the way bank and program changes are synchronized in v 1.0.5. Here is additional details on what was tested,

All 3 tests passed. I am still looking into the automation issue.

Hi Charles,
Sorry to say this is still not working.
My test case, exactly the same routings as yours except my SE02 is midi connected to a babyface pro, no usb.
The state of the plugin is saved in session/plugin but not sent to the SE02.
I saved a session with the plugin on bank B pg 8 quit live. Put the SE02 on bank C pg 2, open the saved session, the plugin is correctly saved on bank B pg 8 but the SE02 stays on bank C pg 2 ));
Please keep me in touch

Tried via usb connection, not working either
SE02 not in sync with the plugin saved bank/patch

Hi gregosaure, I am going to continue to work towards a solution, but in the meantime I will issue you a refund for the inconvenience.

Hi Charles,
Perhaps a manual function, push button on the plugin which send all the parameters/pg to the SE02 ?
Would be better whether it was an automatic sync...
Keep me in touch

The controller has a button just above the user presets that will send all of the controller parameters to the SE-02 device. You can also click on the name of each section to only send the parameters grouped under that section. For example click on "VCF" title to only send the VCF parameters to the SE-02 device.

I know
Whether it could send the saved patch, saved plugin parameters to the SE02 automaticaily would be nice.
Sync is what is all about for a midi/hardware plugin, at least for me.

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