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Name | Version: DX7 Editor 1.0
Author: detunes
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: The DX7 is Yamahas first and most iconic FM synthesizer, covering a wide sonic territory that works equally well in 80s-oriented music and modern productions. Now you can tweak this timeless classic from within Ableton and enjoy additional features like copy and paste, initialization and patch management.

- For Yamaha DX7, TX7 and compatible synths like Volca FM
- Sysex connection between your DAW and synth to read and write patches, and to tweak all parameters from the editor in realtime
- Visualization of all algorithms, waveforms and envelope shapes
- Copy and paste mode to easily sync operator settings and envelopes between several operators
- Function settings and routing for external controllers like mod wheel and foot and breath controllers
- Initialize all parameters to start from scratch
- Save and load patches as single files to and from your computer and enjoy unlimited patch storage on your hard drive
- Ultra compact view within Abletons device area

Includes editor device file, a written manual and example patches.

If you have any questions or need help just send an email to:

Hope you enjoy!


Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Apr 30 2020 21:24:24
Date Last Updated: Dec 15 2021 15:46:35
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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Has anyone used this?
I bought three of his editors (Alpha Juno, TX81Z and now also this one), and they all work great and the design is absolutely the best I found for FM synthesis especially. Makes the signal flow and everything super clear. Highly recommended really!
Thanks for the kind words! I put a lot of effort into these editors and it feels really good to hear you guys enjoy them :-)
I can only load patches as single files to and from my computer.

Is there any way (Sysex librarian / editor) that can divide a 'bank' into seperate patches ?

There's is Sysex Libarian (for Mac) or MidiOX (for Windows), both freeware that lets you send Sysex banks to your DX7. From there simply skip through the presets on your DX7 and the editor will update accordingly. Then save the sounds you like as a patch from the editor.
All clear now thanks !
Would this device work with a Yamaha TX802?
Bought your editor, basically great, but not that easy with an TX816. it would be fantastic to to have a smart randomization like synthmata offers:

maybe you guys should team up?

are there any plans for an editor for the TX816?
as you might know, there are several ways to use the 8xDX7 modules in it: same patch with slight variations OR layer different patches OR have "Composite Sounds" like here at 3:45 where each module please a different part of complex sounds.

it would be so great to have an editor / Randomizer for that.
hi There , just wondering about automation for the controllers . Is there any way to automate the controllers ? i wish i could integrate Push 2 to manipulate the Editor . Thank you -
Just purchased this and from a first glance it looks like automation of parameters is not currently possible, which is disappointing since that was the main reason I purchased.

Hope this feature will be added in the future.
Hi Diego Cohen, I just answered to your mail and saw your comment here, and thought I post the answer here as well in case others are interested:

You can simply enable automation for the parameters of your choice in Max (click the control and enable "Parameter Visibility" – then it's visible in Ableton for automation). But be careful: I have not enabled this by default and do not recommend it cause it may freeze your synth. These early FM synths were never meant to be automated and the Midi interface is super slow – even changing a single parameter too fast can cause the Midi interface to overload and throw Midi buffer errors.

Another aspect to keep in mind is this: In these FM synths the note is calculated when it is generated. Everything you do after that does not affect the existing note, only the following note. So unlike an analog synth you can not modulate decaying sounds by turning knobs or automating stuff in a DX7.

Hope that helps!
I'm very interested in this plugin and wonder if I can use it as a basis for reverse engineering what I need to do to control my flagship Yamaha SY99 ? Can I check what's under the hood in this plugin and see how you did stuff or is it compiled and proprietary ?

thx a lot

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