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Name/Version: Thresho 1.0
Author: rossfromfriends  
Description: Thresho is a utility that records up to 4 stereo audio inputs automatically based on a user-defined db threshold. Once the audio reaches that threshold, Thresho begins recording; once the audio drops below the threshold, and the ‘decay’ period has been completed, it stops recording.

The timestamped file is then, by default, imported into the user’s ‘User Library’ within ableton’s sidebar for easy access within other projects.

Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.1.1
Date Added: Apr 17 2020 16:02:11
Date Last Updated: May 11 2022 18:41:20
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): None


good idea

hey great idea! thank you.

how do you permanently change the record location, mine keep switching back to the default?

ive tried saving it..

Gonna try this out now and get back to y'all

anyone have this working with Live 11? Mine says 'This device is not available in this version of Live'


I'm also havin trouble savin the filepatch for the location of the recording, also the initial filepatch doesn't exist on my laptop.

what am i doin wrong? :)

@fantismo @borismaschmeyer
If you read the User_Guide you'll see that he mentions that currently the device does not save the custom location.

I've never seen that message.
Just a wild guess here: are you using a version of Live that has Max for Live? (either Live standard + Max for Live, or Live Suite). Can you somehow share screenshot with that error message?


Are you on windows?
The initial filepath is created with the message "mkdir ~/Music/Ableton/User\\ Library/Thresho", that I am afraid might not directly work on windows.

I was about to chime in with an update myself but I can see that @rossfromfriends has already several things in place to try to address the limitations reported. So, it does seem like they have planned working on it. If they don't reply and @borismaschmeyer confirms the path problem is on windows, I can still chime in at least to try to address that.

Does anyone know if this can be recompiled so this can be used on Apple Silicon (M1) or point me in the direction in how to go about this would be much appreciated.

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