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Name/Version: Riff 1.3
Author: walmik  
Description: Made with Scribbletune (the free and open source JS lib for creating musical patterns with JavaScript)

This device is created to use the simple pattern language of Scribbletune to generate quick Riffs. You can choose a scale or mode (over 100) to make the riff melodic. It also has AB parts (and ABC parts) to create interesting riffs and can even be used to create individual drum parts!


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Downloads: 1047
Tags sequencer, other
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Apr 11 2020 17:34:35
Date Last Updated: Feb 05 2021 00:37:24
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

Device Files

Device File: Riff.amxd


Please comment here if you have any issues with using this device and I ll try to help out.

hi walmik

i made a update of your patch

it can Open along side live

Work great on live 11 on mac and PC (( MPE )) no compatible

no time to update MPE
see here's-new-in-live-11-part-2

for update MPE LIVE

and repair bug
MAX console error on load

js: C 3 lydian,xRRRxxRR,AABC,4n,none,1,1,1 Aiicaramab
js: riff02.js: Javascript Error: c 3 lydian does not exist!, line 1
js: error calling function riff [riff02.js]

hi, Walmik

can news help understand JScript from MAX

how to replace "R" with octave tonic or a with one or more sp?cific note at the place of all scale note with your patch

like this tuto

const clip = scribble.clip({
notes: 'D2',
randomNotes: 'D3',
pattern: getRandomPattern(),
subdiv: '16n',


and how generate riff along Chord progression
like this
scribble.getChordsByProgression(root + ' ' + scale, 'ii iii')

many Thanks

Random notes

Next, we?ll create a clip and set the notes to be used. We?ll also provide a set of notes for Scribbletune to choose from, for the R character. We can simply use the higher octave of our root note. So something like,

const clip = scribble.clip({
notes: 'D2',
randomNotes: 'D3',
pattern: getRandomPattern(),
subdiv: '16n',

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