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Name/Version: AUTO BYPASS CHAIN 3.0
Author: WeirdNoise  
Description: Auto bypass any devices in a RACK that are not in the selected chain !

Simply put this device on the left side of your effet RACK and use the selector to choose your active chain. Don’t forget to configure your chains so chain “0” correspond to selector “0”.

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- compatibility with Ableton live 11
- display version number

- add options to enable/disable auto update. Choose to disable auto update for better performance. Hit refresh button if you made changes in your chains to be "in sync" with all your devices.
- add controls (live.banks) for ableton push

V2.0 (major update)
- better threading : faster and use less CPU
- UI update : simplification

- bug fixed :
device now works within a rack, inside a rack, inside a rack...
- add-on :
status led indicate that this device is locked to rack device
refresh button when you change the position of this device

- bug fixed :
chain selector remote improvment

V1.1 (22/03/2020)
first release

Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 11.0.12
Max Version Used: 8.2.1
Date Added: Apr 03 2020 18:40:42
Date Last Updated: Jan 11 2022 15:11:55
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionNonCommercial


Good job thanks

an Idea to recall chain selector from clip

2 assignable up down Button preset chain selector
( preset up down .. loop end auto return to first)
1 assignable chain selector NumBox to rotary CC

chain can recall with a same number at the rigth off the CLIP Name ((bass funky 18 = recall chain 18)

up down directely recall adjacent preset just recalled

Hey Spiralune,
thanks for your comments !

Chain selector is already recallable by clip.
For this, simply automate the envelop of chain parameter !



Very useful device but when I use it the "undo/redo" function won't work.
It's like it keeps changing some parameters.

For AUDIO version:
Device works great but the audio will pass through ALL chains. I am trying to use this to select different audio chains of effects but all chains will pass the "clean" signal. I would like only the selected chain to pass audio.

I put all chains on zero because thats the only way this device will turn their effects on/off. With that, the audio will always be heard through all of them at the same time.

I can see how this would be great for Midi, though!!

Hi @Ciclotrone,
thanks for your post.

It's seems that some objects in M4L ( are writing directly into the ableton history (undo/redo). So your previous tweaks are far in this history queue... this is a known issue with this object. I should use live.remote instead but I have to rewrite this plugin and I don't think that it will be possible to achieve the same results...
I'll do my best !!!

Kind regards

Hello @JZ1978,
sorry but I don't really understand what your are looking for !

This this is meant to be placed just before a rack to bypass devices inside each unselected chains. You have to set each chain with the good chain selector (1, 2, 3 and so on...). So the signal passes only through the selected chain...

Please tell me more about this option that your are looking for !


Hi @Ciclotrone,
to be really clear, here is a link with this issue :

I tried to change object [M4L.api.DeviceParameter] by [M4L.api.DeviceParameterRemote] and it's not really a good solution at all for this purpose.

I already removed and hide some unused control in version 2.1. It may do the trick. Please let me know if it's better for you !


Hi @WeirdNoise

Thank you very much for your answer and your dedication!


This is the PERFECT solution to a very long workaround. Thanks! That said, I'm having an issue where every time the device loads with a rack it opens with the Chain Selector at 9.

I was hoping that the chain selector would open at whatever number the it was last at when the live set was saved. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

In Live 11 the Chain Selector is not Parameter 9 but Parameter 17 since Live 11 supports 8 more macros so you have to change that (or stop the device from working in Live 11).

Hi Rivanni and thanks for your message.
We didn't had the time to update and test these plugins for Ableton Live 11. We will do it ASAP !


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