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Name | Version: Many-Sample MIKADO 2019 V-4.2 1.0
Author: spiralune
Device Type: Instrument
Description: v4.2 repair bug with folder contain more 4000 samples

New v-4 repair bug cause recall always samples 51

when reload liveset in certain situation.

and work both Windows and Mac


INFO= LOOP is used like a sampler for decay release

TRY with short LENGTH and long DECAY and Fade OUT

New v 3.1

repair Bug with Push

and Add new 3 Bank Knob For use with Push

best workflow within DrumRack


News V 3

Sampler Instrument & Drum sampler

Only Work in Live 10 & integrate max 8


add fade out fine tune

add filter section

and now work with long samples & Track Mp3

**(( recall = only one sample it's load in Ram at a time
if use folder with long Mp3 tracks be little patient to loading ram it's normal)) ***

-- sampler intrument in Midi Track (note = pitch )

-- Drum Sampler cool in Drum Rack
auto assign to C3 in drum rack Pad to avoid pitch samples when add to new pad drum rack

All assign to Push Encoder

in DrumRack you can use Push Duplicate Pad to another Pad without loose setting ,and auto transpose for allways trig at original pitch .

Push = Shift buton when use Encoder Rotary to Fine tune parameter
(( cool for Fine Tune " Start of sample " with Long Samples))


NEW V2.1 Mikado

-- add Button to Open Folder

(( drag&drop , won't work with Ableton Live as Administrator ,""if use jbridge"" ))

-- add push INC DEC samples

store and recall all function so put many of this patch in drum rack


new 2.2 add button for fast

Clear automation Enveloppe "Sample Select "

to last record Clip & last playing Clip

Make this because
bug Inc Dec +1 -1 with Push samples is also record with fader Sample#

(( From 2 first potard of Push you can move on Folder
with More than 5000 samples ))

if need automation samples to Clip
use Menu Folder Sample when record
it record only the fader Sample# automation


Update version Many-Sample 1.2

from Author: opticon93

Because Bug at restore samples select when patch
so long to load or if put many of this patch in drum rack ;;

thank to Author: opticon93


do not leave a message only if you are not satisfied

you can also leave a message if you are happy



Live Version Used: 10.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.4
Date Added: Jul 21 2019 01:49:05
Date Last Updated: Jul 23 2019 10:45:29
Downloads: 1142
License: None
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Device File: Many-Sample MIKADO 2019 V-4.2.amxd


thanks to you for the beta testing hihi

now we are sure it works on mac and windows

This is really nice! Great addition of the loop and sample length functions.

Unfortunately when I map the sample selector to a macro it jumps from the first sample to the last one. So close to perfect!

Appreciate you.
It looks like it's just a small bug. I managed to bypass it by going to the mapping mode of the macros and decreasing the range by one sample - so let's say you have 112 kicks, you go to the mapping mode and you change the range from 1 - 112 to 1 - 111. You lose one sample but it's worth it.

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