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Name/Version: JX-8P Control 1.0
Author: kentai  
Description: A virtual PG-800 controller for the Roland JX-8P synthesizer that can additionally (and most importantly) be controlled by an iPad with TouchOSC. Communication is fully bidirectional. JX-8P must have turned sysex on.
Mac only, since live does not support sysex and therefore a custom object made by leigh hunt ( is used.

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Downloads: 1307
Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 8.2.1
Max Version Used: 5.1.7
Date Added: Feb 02 2011 18:35:12
Date Last Updated: Jul 11 2012 09:55:56
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: JX-8P Control.amxd


i'll try with my Roland Jx 10, hoping the two machines sharing the same sysex!
(yea, i've just taken the Jx 10 eeprom...)

Hi Dadan
i assume you know that the JX-10 does not understand such sysex messages without a custom rom (
With this rom it's like controlling a MKS-70, which has basically the same protocol as the JX-8P, except for 1 byte in the header. it would be easy to adapt the m4l device that way, or even make it selectable, but i wouldn't be able to test it, since i have only an JX-8P.

So, i asume with this object by leigh hunt would be possible to build a controller for the Waldorf Microwave?

Yes, this is entirely possible. Basically you'd have to exchange the sysex commands with the ones for the microwave.

Thanks so much Kentai, my jx-8p and me are loving it!
I hope you don't mind but I made a slightly altered version, which is standalone in Max, which allows me to integrate it with other remote controls I built for TouchOSC/Max

one question.. would you consider making the sliders etc update as you select a different patch on the jx-8p? I believe it sends out the patch as sysex when you select it right?

either way, fantastic work.

doesn't work for PC ... live sucks about sysex :(

Thank you for your comment ooops, glad you like it! Haven't checked this site for some time, so I just happen to see your message. The device is free to be altered as you like, of course.
Concerning the parameter updates when selecting a new patch on the synth, it should do this already. Also, selecting a parameter on the synth and changing it with the slider, should update the M4L device as well as the ipad. Everything should be in sync all the time no matter where you change a param. " should" because I can't retest it as my jx is far away, but it definitely worked like that.
Are the port setting correct?

This is a nice device! I don?t own a jx-8p but would like some of the functions from this device ported to fit a moog voyager. It does not use sysex but I really like the way of sending midi to and from it via M4L. How hard would this be? maybe it could be merged with the moog voyager device called MOSCO..
I don?t think I can make it myself, so if anybody would like to help out it would be appreciated!



I've recently acquired both a JX-8P and an iPad, so this is something I'm excited to use. However, Live doesn't seem to be receiving the controller data. The OSC monitor in PD shows incoming data and the device in Live is sending data to the synth, but neither the device in Live nor the synth are responding. Ports and IP address are correct. Any ideas?

^ Ignore. As usual, turning it off and on again did the trick. Many thanks for this, it's wonderful!

What a brilliant idea ? Does this still work in 2019 (Ableton V10) ? I'm a little new to this stuff and can't get it to work ? not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if the versions are incompatible. Any help is greatly appreciated ? thanks!

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