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Name/Version: Minilogue XD Aerobik Performer 1.0.1
Author: darrien  
Description: Device providing controls for almost all parameters available on the Minilogue XD.

So this enables you to control your Minilogue XD from Ableton using the Аеробик Performer. And if you map the controls on your Minilogue XD to those of the Аеробик Performer, you'll be able to record all parameter changes performed on the Minilogue XD straight away into automations. Except the effects section, as the controls are were not designed to be controlling one unique function.


1. Presets are only saved per project and instance.

2. When selecting a preset on the Minilogue XD, the params of the preset are not applied to the Аеробик Performer controls.

3. Voice Mode, FX Mod Time and FX Mode Depth as the MIDI implementation on the Minilogue are incomplete. I provided Korg with a detailed list of all corrections that would have to be made, but didn't get any reaction from them since then.

4. The range used by the Minilogue XD's LFO Int is behaving strange. Hopefully this is also something Korg will be able to fix.


A big thank you goes to user nozric / Digital DJ Tools. Without his Korg Minilogue Controller for the original device, creating a controller for the XD would for sure have taken a lot longer.

Oh and if you're into proper techno, check out our label :-)


1.0.1 2019-05-31

- Minor color fixes and layout adjustments

1.0 2019-05-30

Initial release of the device

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Downloads: 457
Tags synth, hardware
Live Version Used: 10.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.4
Date Added: May 30 2019 20:17:24
Date Last Updated: May 07 2020 17:33:06
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: Minilogue XD Аеробик Performer.amxd


Thanks for this plugin.
When I send the knob Changes to Ableton (MIDI Tx CC), the LFO Int on the plugin starts to go crazy as soon as I touch it. Only way to get rid of it is to either not receive or send CC.


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