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Name | Version: Tixx Drum Synth 1.3
Author: EarthDSP
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Tixx by Earthdsp
a flexible 4 Oscilators Drum Synth that can produce
The Sounds of the vintage drum machine.
It has 2 curve function envelopes that can be draw and curve to shape the sound easier.
it can also be used to produce synth sounds such as Fm and substrative.
polyphony can be set to play more voices but it will take also CPU.
The envelopes can be used and curved with mouse drag + alt key.
Midi can be fixed or frequency controlled.
LFO can be achieved also as Fm by the other Oscilators.
It's a unique design that will make it really easy to produce
Electronic drums.
Have fun !

version 1.1
Inital Patch
Created Presets and store
made the Fm algorithm better

version 1.2
Fixed Error with patcher not found by freezing the device
Added 12 basic presets

version 1.3
fixed stuff with presets recall and restore

version 1.4
Added Sound wenn device loads ! Ableton 10 Ready


Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Apr 11 2019 14:58:35
Date Last Updated: Dec 29 2019 22:45:52
Downloads: 1405
License: None
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Device File: Tixx_DrumSynth_EarthDsp_v1.4.amxd


I have Ableton 10.0.5 and the TIXX device produces absolutely NO SOUND! Any fix?
Looks great but i'm not getting any sound.

I'm seeing a bunch of errors in Max console:
poly . no patchertest.maxpat
poly . patchcord inlet out of range:deleting patchcord
sorry to report but on first attempt to load Tixx, it crashed my Ableton 10.
The first patch is seilent. Raise the gain on osc 1 then you should get a sound. Mmmm.... Will check this out. It was probably packed not really good :( sorry everyone. Will fix this crash and post again very 1.2 thank you for the feedback.
I think you don't need the patchfile ... It can be embedded ...
Fixed it. let me know if its ok.
Great work it's just what i've been looking for, simple (to use) multi oscillator kick machine.
Just made my first Sine /Triangle kick and it's just fabulous.
Thanks again mate.
SamSaw2: i am so happy to hear this. i was missing something like this.
be sure to get the latest updates because its planed to be the best.
btw. to make claps with it is really super easy :)
I never had an issue with the initial version (once I turned the Gain up) but it does keep getting better. Really cool device! Great work.

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