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Name | Version: INSTsineATMOSPHERE 0.03
Author: synthesizerwriter
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: INSTsineATMOSPHERE 0v03 is a simple 'drone' sound generator that uses three sets of 20 oscillators to produce 'drone' sounds using linear or multiplicative FM. Unlike previous devices where the volume was faded up and down by a separate section, this device incorporates the fade up/down controls directly in the UI. So the green 'UP' button indicates that the volume is faded down, and clicking on it will start the fading up and the button will change to a red 'DOWN'. The 'fade time' rotary control sets the time to rise or fall. Why is this so early in the description? Because you won't get any sound unless you have at least one 'DOWN' button lit up in red! (The screenshot (of v02!) is a clue!)

The 'Motion' rotary control is an auto-pan, but each of the 3 controls actually sets the panning for 10 oscillator pairs, and the rate of auto-pan is different for each pair, so it isn't a simple 'Rate' control.

On the far left hand side is a toggle button that either ignores the MIDI input (M) or turns incoming monophonic MIDI Note On messages into frequency form to drive the oscillators (shown in Hertz) and indicated by (>). So this device can be used as a mono 'drone' synth!

The rest of the controls are controls for the three parallel FM sound generators. There's more background information in my blog, although a detailed 'control by control' explanation is a forthcoming post rather than this one.

If you are familiar with Max 8, then you are probably thinking that this is all done with the new 'mc' functionality, but you would be wrong - this is all done in Max because this project originally started out as an all - gen~ sound generator for the Rebel Technology OWL Pedal (and compatibles). What started out as a simple two-part exploration of gen~ to Max has expanded into three or four parts, and this device is for part 2...

See my blog for more details...


Live Version Used: 10.0.5
Max Version Used: 8.0.2
Date Added: Feb 09 2019 14:14:16
Date Last Updated: Feb 13 2019 17:20:17
Downloads: 1250
License: None
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Device File: INSTsineATMOSPHERE_mr0v03.amxd


Could not make it work. I can't get it to generate a sound. But its not to say it doesn't work. I just don't get a sound when I install it

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