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Name/Version: Many-Sample 2.2 MIKADO 2019 1.0
Author: spiralune  
Description: Update version Many-Sample 1.2 from

Author: opticon93

Because Bug at restore samples select when patch so long to load
or if put many of this patch in drum rack ;;


NEW V2.1 Mikado

-- add Button to Open Folder

(( drag&drop , won't work with Ableton Live as Administrator ,""if use jbridge"" ))

-- add push INC DEC samples

store and recall all function so put many of this patch in drum rack


new 2.2 add button for fast

Clear automation Enveloppe "Sample Select "

to last record Clip & last playing Clip

Make this because
bug Inc Dec +1 -1 with Push samples is also record with fader Sample#

(( From 2 first potard of Push you can move on Folder
with More than 5000 samples ))

if need automation samples to Clip
use Menu Folder Sample when record
it record only the fader Sample# automation

thank to Author: opticon93

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Downloads: 455
Tags sampler, push
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Jan 26 2019 08:47:00
Date Last Updated: Feb 08 2019 12:39:18
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Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: Many-Sample 2.2 MIKADO 2019 .amxd


Cool! I'm Glad you liked it.

I can't tell if this is many-RAMple or Many-Sample.

Many-RAMple: 20MB Folder gets loaded into RAM, All samples in RAM.

Many-Sample: 20 MB Folder gets pointed at, 1 sample (100kb) gets loaded to RAM.


i am start from your Patch



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