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Name | Version: MIKADO Individual LooperMonitor 2018 5
Author: spiralune
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: This patch make to avoid Ableton Looper Monitor
and MAX can't see if a looper is CLEAR or just Stopped

and much More !!


Auto assign to state looper at rigth to this patcher

Support Open More Instance of this Patch anywhere
in live set

Assign Big Button To same midi controller assign as
Big Button Looper on each looper

Assign Clear button To same midi controller as Clear Looper on each Looper

If you assign only STATE mini button Looper , you must Also assign Clear Button twice "this patch Clear and Looper Clear"

if assign Big Button LOOPER ou can use Clear Button and or Clear by Long Click when looper is stopped
or if Looper is play Double Clic and Push down 2 second

And Clear Button Same as LIVE LOOPER can't Clear if looper as OVERDUB...

Use this Button To Save Position of Looper Monitor view

Use this Button to Refresh Auto Assign STATE LOOPER , Name Track , Color Track , Looper Name (( need when drag new Looper ))

BIG BUTTON must absolutly assigned to Midi CC 0 - 127 (( 127 push - - 0 Release button )) for Clear work with Big Button

CC , MidiNote, Button to avoid Go Edit to your controller Midi if need change CC or Midi Note
Use this Button if you use CC or Midi Note from midi controller
if you need click twice to work correctly try another position

Assignable STOP/Play Looper with one Button quantize 1 Bar

STOP ALL and PLAY ALL as séparate button , quantize 1 Bar , Just assigne only once to LIVE SET for All Looper
Because Stop All et Play All , is Already assign to all other instance of this patch

and for easy clear ALL LOOPER you can une KEY MAPPING
exp: num 0 or Key A assigned at ALL CLEAR Button LOOPER IN LIVE SET so you have midi for clear individual Looper

and Assignable Button to CLOSE : OPEN Monitor view

and one to OPEN CLOSE ALL instance in LIVE SET at a Time


Live Version Used: 9
Max Version Used: 7
Date Added: Nov 05 2018 17:41:11
Date Last Updated: Nov 05 2018 22:09:36
Downloads: 526
License: None
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Device File: suspendu Bug.amxd


Is this patch still available somewhere? it looks really useful.

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