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Name | Version: mwm.MODMIX 0.8
Author: MusicWithMachines
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Create complex modulations by mixing up to three modulation sources from other Max For Live devices like LFOs and Envelope Followers.

Map modulators to the three dials ONE, TWO and THREE.
Adjust the gain of the three sources
Use INVERT to invert the three sources and the mix.
Map the result to a target by first clicking the “Map” button and then the target parameter.
Open the drop down menu on the top right to map seven more targets. Change the modulation amount with the two number boxes.

FOR LIVE 9 USERS: The device has a few visual glitches which don’t affect the functionality.


Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.0
Date Added: Oct 24 2018 13:03:21
Date Last Updated: Oct 24 2018 13:54:16
Downloads: 3265
License: None
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Device File: mwm.MODMIX b8.amxd


Thanks man, gotta try this one! Cheers
Exactly what I was looking for. Amazing work!

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