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Name/Version: Chain Shaper - Audio Triggered Sidechain Utility 1.0
Author: Technoir  
Description: Chain Shaper is the cleanest and most intuitive audio triggered ducking ever made. Up to 6 input channels can be routed from drums, loops, synths or vocals and Chain Shaper will automatically duck them out without the need for any threshold control. It’s more transparent and accurate than sidechain compression and requires no dummy clips like other audio ducking tools. Chain Shaper offers an extensive feature set with an unparalleled ease of use.


"Not only is it quicker to use than its competition, but it allows for a level of precision I can’t seem to get from other devices....Chain Shaper truly outperforms all of its competitors." - Sonic Scoop

4 out of 5 star review and tutorial from GARDNSOUND -


Key Features

- Highest possible sound quality

- First of its kind automatic transient detection. Automatically detects drum hits at any volume without the need for any threshold control. Use it for entire drum busses or route each hit into an individual channel. Also to duck out vocals and sustained elements of your mix with the same level of precision.

- Route up to 6 audio channels for ducking in one instance.

- Transparent multiband splitter to duck out specific frequency bands for each individual audio channel.

- Multi-channel oscilloscope to view how each channel affects the ducking and interacts with each other.

- Uses only 2.8ms of latency and low CPU.

- Works natively in Ableton 10.

Change Log

Version 3.1b
- Fixed multiband mode not working upon reload of saved file.

- Fixed inability to toggle between multiband mode and normal ducking and have settings in multiband mode restored.

- Fixed 1st curve point not changing ducking when raising point.

Version 3.1

- Route up to 6 audio channels for ducking in one instance. Each channel is treated like its own instance of Chain Shaper, but uses 5x less CPU and latency. All channels can be linked for identical ducking across sounds each with their own dry/wet control, or remain individual for extremely nuanced ducking.

- Individual sync modes for each band in Multiband Mode.

- Each of the 6 channels has an individual multiband setting.

- Multiband mode curves now have individual band settings for each band.

- Threshold Mode has been replaced with Sustained Mode. It works just like Threshold Mode, but no longer requires a threshold knob. It now automatically detects sustained material similar to automatic transient detection.

- Undo bugs are completely fixed and general stability has been improved

- Curve no longer changes when switching between modes

- Multiple bugs fixed and improvements made

- UI has been cleaned up and improved

Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Sep 13 2018 22:36:28
Date Last Updated: Oct 05 2020 03:13:40
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Very cool. I have been pulling my hair out trying to do some clean sidechaining that doesn't take forever. This is it. Thank you.

You and me both! There will be many more cool updates to come in the future as well. Also open to any and all suggestions (and any bugs that pop up for that matter)

Hey Technoir, how's the cpu hit on one instance of the chain shaper? On your machine, how many copies would it take for it to raise the processing bar by say, 1%?

One instance uses 1% CPU. That's pretty much the absolute minimum processing any Max patch that has a function uses in Ableton! Even the lightest max plugins use 1%.

Ha!, well among other reasons, that's why LineFO is among the most popular devices on this platform.
1% is nonetheless exceptional performance.
I would imagine this to move a bit once there's playback through that track, what with the oscilloscope included.

Definitely big selling point!

Thank you! I hope so. I worked really hard to make this lightweight and accurate! It's by far the most accurate out of any audio ducking or sidechaining plugin!

Wowwwww. I've been wanting LFOTool to do this since it came out. No more duplicating audio track to MIDI just to trigger LFOTool. Gold. Purchasing now :D

I purchased this device, very nice. I would like to see an adjustable release parameter, and as I try to use it, I feel that the threshold slider is not long enough to make fine tune changes. and also, Nice work!

The curve drawn in will determine the release parameter! That is the benefit of the drawing it it and the different modes make it easier to fine tune. They allow for an easier ability to dial in how you want the ducking to release. Unless I'm not understanding!

In regards to the threshold slider, do you mean physical length on the screen? One way to fine tune is to hold shift and drag, but I agree! I will implement that into the next update!

I get it now, about the drawing curve, thank you for explaining.

shift drag works perfectly too. thanks

At first I was skeptical about the sound quality of this plugin, and the first audio tests I made weren't really good as I noticed some noise BUT there is a way to avoid it and have an extremely clear and precise sidechain tool triggered by audio.

The "trick" is to draw an horizontal line at 0 at the start of the shaper. Otherwise, if you just use a log curve starting from the first point, you'll have a tiny gain that will introduce some noise.

Hope it helps people !

Btw, thank you for this really useful plugin !?

hey man, I'm having a big issue with this plugin, I am currently using Ableton 10 and whenever I close the application and reopen it, the setting for the chain shaper are not saved and return to default. this is a bit of deal breaker as everytime I close and reopen Ableton Live, all the settings have been changed.

Would highly appreciate it if you can get back to me on this one.

Hey there, unfortunately every time I try to change an input for the side chain, it completely crashes Ableton! Hope this get's fixed soon I really want to have a play with this thing, especially after purchasing it!

Brilliant concept by the way!


Please email for support on this! Please list Ableton version, OS version and any other details with present.

Excellent plugin. I only wish that the attack, the modes, and the wet/dry were assignable to midi controls. It would be great for live performance if that was available.

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