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Name/Version: NOOTPAD 1.1
Author: SaintOcean  
Description: Love the aesthetic of NTPD but are too cheap to buy it? In that case, grab this totally original notepad I patched in a night for FREE and enjoy simple and elegant note-taking.

-Colorful notes
-Automated pop-ups
-Dynamic patch sizing
-Persistent pop-ups

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Downloads: 673
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.0
Date Added: Sep 08 2018 20:07:24
Date Last Updated: Sep 09 2018 03:17:40
Average Rating (3) 2
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: NOOTPAD.amxd


Nice steal but you're missing a couple things here; your Floatpad text doesn't resize properly, the Floatpad automation toggle doesn't work and, probably most importantly... nothing saves with the set XD Nice one.

If you wanna be cheap you could probably just download the FREE version, maybe. I dunno. ? It saves everything with the set too. Pretty cool.

P.S: If you wanna rip off my devices I don't really mind, but at least link to the original XD

Hey @M4L, you might wanna take a look at It's totally FREE ;)

This is childish.
I person works to go about trying to build a biz - and in doing so does a LOT to engender good relationships throughout the community by GIVING AWAY devices.... and tutorials... and presets... for FREEE.... and then he decides he needs to pay some bills - and he is STILL giving a very useful versions of said item away (Thanks @ELPHNT!)- so he basically asks for a donation - as he is still giving it away) and Some then some self proclaimed Robin Hood wanna be comes around and shits on him.
For the record - there was no meeting when the M4L community got together and said "Hey- we should get this SaintOCean person to stick up for us!". Why mess with some dude just trying to get buy???
Wanna be a hero? Go after some big multinational corporation - leave the little guys alone.

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