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Name/Version: FPB Pop Up Piano 1.6.4
Author: fingerspushbuttons  
Description: It's back after some serious teething issues and working properly in Live 10!

Pop Up Piano (version 1.6.4):
4 Floating windows MIDI notes and scales display.

Version 1.6.4 fixes for Live 10
fixed a bug that would cause scales not to update when choosing between sharp or flat key signatures.

fixed a bug that could cause laggy response on in the stave view.

fixed a bug that would cause scale display to disappear when turning scale spelling on and off.

Added proper double sharp and double flat signs to the note name pop up. Unfortunately still haven't been able to add this to the stave view.

Note names and intervals in stave view now match stave notes colours (it's all a bit brighter).

updated link to new web page. ...will post a tutorial soon.

version 1.6.3 fixes for Live 10

Version 1.6.1: Overhauled the guts of this device so that it now displays proper scale spelling (including displaying sharps and flats at the same time) automatically, this feature is also bypass-able from the Max for Live device window.

Streamlined the scale display in the pop up staves window.

Added Hz display to Note Name windows.

Unfortunately double sharps and double flats are still not possible to display on the nslider stave display object so produce errors that display in Octave 0, I’m still working on that one.

Version 1.5 Now shares/auto updates scale and key data with FPB_push_colour_notes device.

Version 1.4 Now creates 4 pop up windows to visualise MIDI in Ableton Live. Thanks to requests made through my web site I have reintroduced the 'note name' pop up window that was removed in version 1.3.
Version 1.4 now updates the latest note value when switching between sharps and flats.
Version 1.4 the pitch bend now has a load value of 64 instead of 0

Version 1.3 introduces much better user ergonomics, scale guides for all push native scales, and a window to display pitch-bend and modulation.
Version 1.3 also automatically sets the device track input to MIDI from the focused MIDI track if Follow MIDI is selected allowing it to display MIDI playback from anywhere in the live set.
Version 1.3Note names are now incorporated in to the staves and keys windows and proper flat and sharp symbols are used.

Unfortunately due to limitations of Max it is not possible to display double flats and sharps for the few keys that use them.

Switching between sharps and flats and choosing scales are currently manual but the windows are linked and automatically update one another.

There is a window for:
a. 88 Piano Keys, now with note name & scale guides
b. Staves now with note name & scale guide
c. Pitch Bend and Modulation feed back
d. Large display note name

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Downloads: 896
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.0
Date Added: Jun 18 2018 13:25:03
Date Last Updated: Jul 05 2018 12:25:56
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: FPB_Pop_Up_Piano 1.6.4.amxd


Just what I've been looking for and then some. Brilliant Utility. Thank you!

Thanks for sharing. It also will be great to make mode with all notes without defined scale and/or also push scale settings integrability. Could you advise please which max objects could help to do that?

Wow! I have found chromatic! Thank's again!

a m a z i n g !

Thank you, was just about to code a much worse version myself. This is great. good work!

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