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Name/Version: Volca FM Velocitizer 1.0
Author: wzrdzl  
Description: Adds velocity tracking to VolcaFM by transferring MIDI note velocity to CC41 (default Volca FM velocity control)  

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Downloads: 452
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.4
Date Added: Feb 17 2018 22:07:24
Date Last Updated: Feb 17 2018 22:08:31
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: VolcaFM Velocitizer.amxd


Very excited to try this. Thanks very much!

This is my first Max Device, so please share your feedback in case something doesn't work for you, I'd be happy to fix the issues and learn more of Max programming :)

Hi wzrdzl,
a friend pointed me to this device and with some help from the Ableton Live forum I managed to build a version for the Volca Beats. I stole your idea of the velocity visualisation graph using the multislider object. I had to do it much differently but I learned a lot from doing it.

I would like to release my Volca Beats version on my profile and I would also like to steal your name because I think it's brilliant and tells everything the device is about. Do you mind if I call it "Volca Beats Velocitizer"? Certainly I would point out on the devices page that there is a Volca FM device that was the foundation for my work.

Also my device includes some feedback for you, because I did some similar things a little different from your version (thanks to the help from some guy on Ableton forum who actually did all the hard work, I only had to read and learn to understand it :-).

And last but not least: Thanks for motivating me to finally get into max for live programming! :-)


Hi Jojo,

Sure dude, no worries at all, I am glad this device came in handy to you! Thanks for the attribution!


This device is perfect! My Volca FM is so much more fun and expressive thanks to this. And it's so easy to use.
Thanks a million!

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