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Name/Version: Accordion 1.1
Author: presbycusis  
Description: A physical model of an accordion. The patch uses a purpose-built external called freereed~ which does fancy maths to model the vibration of a reed. It's polyphonic - 5 voices.

Accordion takes MIDI inputs for frequency (note) and bellows pressure (velocity). If bellows pressure is too high or too low the reed doesn't vibrate. In the middle it makes surprisingly little difference to the level or tone.

Other Controls:
Response - time in ms for pressure to ramp up at the beginning of a note and down at the end.

Reed Q and System Q - represent damping in the reed and the rest of the system. To sound, System Q must be a lot less than Reed Q (try about 1/5 to start with). Then change them to see changes in tone.

Plate thickness: 0 to 1 representing thickness of the plate that the reed sits in. Start about 0.07 and try changing.

Version 1.1: New build of the external freereed~ that should be more stable across machines.

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Downloads: 3504
Tags synth, other
Live Version Used: 8.1.5
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Date Added: Nov 08 2010 21:26:21
Date Last Updated: Nov 24 2010 15:31:09
Average Rating (2) 3
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Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike

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Device File: Accordion.amxd


crashed my mac

stanzarossa: Sorry about that - would you mind posting some details so I can investigate? (It was developed on a MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard)

doesn't seem to come with the freereed external - is it properly frozen?

Oops, sorry I've taken so long to see the above post. It seems to work OK for me - at least, I removed all references to freereed~ on my machine (I think) and downloaded, and it re-instated it. However this is the first time I've included a purpose-written external. Does anyone else have problems downloading?

Hi, would you like to share the source code of freereed~ please ?
It's to make a 64bit version.

No sound is coming threw it...What should I do?

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