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Name/Version: Mentat Slice Drummer 0.300
Author: xanadu  
Description: Version 0.300
- Changes for using Mentat together with the Launchpad Drum Sequencer
- There are 14 pads now
- Midi schema changes
- Midi device-mappings changes

You can pick up the Launchpad Drum Sequencer for free at:

Version 0.201
- Automation for MIDI devices and Live Control Surfaces is added.

General description

The Mentat Slice Drummer will slice a drum loop into hits and place these on 16 pads. You can also load single drum hits into the pads. It uses a neural network to recognise drum sounds such as kicks, snares and hats. It places these sounds in a standard pattern. You can rearrange the slices to make your own kit. The pads can be played by the white midi notes from C3 to B4.

Support at

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Downloads: 4235
Tags drum, sampler, glitch
Live Version Used: 8.2.1
Max Version Used: 5.1.7
Date Added: Nov 07 2010 08:22:13
Date Last Updated: Dec 16 2010 08:37:17
Average Rating (3) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNoDerivatives

Device Files

Device File: Mentat Slice Drummer ver. 0.300.amxd


Looking forward to trying this. Suggestion for future version (in case you're looking for suggestions ;) ) the ability to accept live input would be very interesting (perhaps via a 'record' function).

Sounds exciting! Going to give it a whirl today! thanks for your efforts


Very cool! Looking forward to an update. Do you think drag and drop audio from a track in the session view is possible.

Thanks for the addition.

Currently I'm working on automation. There are some stability issues which need to solved.


The idea of live input from Live is interesting. However, an instrument has no audio input and an audio effect has no midi input so I have to create a workaround.


The MaxForLive dropfile objects needs dropping of a filename (as the name suggests), A live clip is something else and it can't be dropped on a dropfile. Drag and drop from a Live Looper effect doesn't work either. So I'm afraid we can't drag and drop audio from Live into a MFL device.


Oh well great device either way. Thanks again.


Great Job !!!! thanx

yeah! going to test new version n thks!

I'd like to second that request for a live audio input, It is a device I've always dreamed about.

I think midi mappable pads would suffice for me, I wouldn't be that interested in automating as you could achieve the same end with 'slice to midi' on a drum loop in an audio track and then programming the generated drum rack.

but great device as is BTW, good work!

This doesn't seem to be working properly in L9.1/M6.1.5

I am having problems with this : ( for some reason the slices on the C3 works and the others are only playing the left or right channel for some reason. Any idea why this is doing this?

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