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Name | Version: sFreez mr 0.04
Author: synthesizerwriter
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: sFreez_mr is a sound generator based on samples - and it is the result of updating the gFreez granular version.

sFreez_mr allows the playback of four separate samples, and then uses a four-phase LFO and LFO-controlled panning to animate those four components into a constantly shifting atmospheric sound. sFreez_mr is particularly good for slowly evolving background sounds, and it has a number of functions that are specifically designed for live use.

In summary, there are four sample players, which can be 'Load'ed with AIFFs (or WAVs), or you can drag and drop samples onto the waveform displays. The top row of little buttons transpose the sample, whilst the lower row of buttons stretch or shrink it. The Play button is the rounded edge button next to the forward (to right) or reverse (to left) button. The next three buttons are linked and only one can be selected at any time for each coloured 'track': On (the sample plays all the time), LFO (the sample volume is modulated by the 4-phase LFO), or Mute (the sample audio is muted). The buttons in the middle are 'group' controls that affect all four samples simultaneously. Then there's a display of the audio level for each sample, a trim for volume, and the Pan LFO controls; frequency and phase (slow it right down and use the phase to fix the pan position in the stereo image). The 4-phase LFO has a rate control, but the main number is how long it takes for a complete cycle (in seconds). The LFO now has additional 'waveforms' that set how the samples are faded in and out, and so I suspect that 'transfer function' is a more accurate description. Anyway, try the new waveforms out: they allow you to vary the number of samples that are mixed at any time.

Because of what it does, sFreez_mr doesn't fit into the categories on this site. So I have ticked lots that each cover one facet of what it does...

sFreez is 'work in progress': so don't depend on it quite yet...

gFreez_mr can be found here:

The gFreez_mr tutorial is here:

SoundCloud demo1 - wind

SoundCloud demo2 - rain

SoundCloud demo3 - seq

SoundCloud demo4 - loop

SoundCloud demo5 - fx

SoundCloud demo6 - fx2

SoundCloud demo7 - drum

SoundCloud demo8 - drum


Live Version Used: 9.7.4
Max Version Used: 7.3.4
Date Added: Oct 28 2017 19:48:16
Date Last Updated: Oct 29 2017 21:35:20
Downloads: 1132
License: None
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Device File: sFreez_mr_0v04.amxd


Muchísimas gracias synthesizerwriter!! fantástico,me ha introducido en una atmosfera que no conocia..puse 4 stems largos con diferentes escalas y velocidades y voló la imaginacion,,gracias por tu tiempo construyendo esta device y por compartirla,,eres un crack!!
@zerli: ¡Muchas gracias por sus comentarios! Muy apreciado...

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