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Name/Version: Drop Generator 0.8.6
Author: peterwarnet  
Description: The idea came from a wind chime out my window. It plays notes quite randomly given wind can sometimes change directions and it's intensity varies greatly. Furthermore, the chime maker decides on the musical pitches that are produced and it's actual timbre by selecting a particular material.

With the Drop Generator device, the analogy unfolds quite similarly, with the device being the wind and the maker selecting the notes. The timbre is then up to the sound design skills of the user.

When set to default and fed into a sine wave synthesizer (Operator is my favorite here), the very short impulses and the pitch variation of each notes will make it sound like water dripping into a basin. With the righteously configured reverb, one can easily mimic sounds of cavernous dripping.

Much effort was put into trying to make the device as musically intuitive as possible, at the cost of extra DSP.

Please contact me by email if you would like to discuss improvement, as this is my first device.

If you would like to hear the device in action, check it out here :

Please note that the device is not M4L optimized.

Known bugs - Some notes get stuck if the Regen is set fast. Usually turning the device off/on fixes the issue.

Oh and I still haven't found a clever way of implementing a detune algorithm. I had the idea of having the UI numbox send data to a pitch wheel that would go random in -/+ .

If you think you know how to implement such feature, please contact me, I will send you (digital) flowers!!! :)


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Date Added: Mar 20 2017 21:22:59
Date Last Updated: Dec 28 2017 02:32:51
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Device File: drop-generator 0.8.6.amxd


This is SO COOL! Thank you!

Glad you like it :)

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