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Name/Version: Scale Observer 1.01
Author: lqud  
Description: Scale Observer is a simple understandable Scale analyzing tool.
The Device analyzes the incoming Midi Notes and shows all possible scales.
Perfect, if you get some midi files and you want to evaluate a scale that fits.

Device Details

Tags utility, push
Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Dec 04 2016 19:39:22
Date Last Updated: Dec 12 2016 03:50:25
Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None


SuperCool device. Really was looking for something like that. Sometimes i start out with simple melodic ideas (just a few notes) and want to build it up to the a whole scale write (chord progressions etc). This saves a lot of time figuring out which scales would work and therefore it is easier to make a decision.

What i would really like to see too, would be a Chord Detection plugin that works dependent on scale and key and gives you multiple options on the detected Chord: like where a C6 chord could be read as a A7 chord etc.

Thx very much for this device. Cheers

I started out in the worst possible way with two five tone chords and first got a tremendous amount of scale suggestions ??far more than expected ? until I activated held notes at which point I got an empty list.

After some quick email responses with lqud I realized I might need to look at those two chords a little bit closer. Before that I did a simpler test progression to analyze with the ?, iv and v triads. It worked out perfectly both with held notes as well as without.

At closer inspection of my five tone chords I discovered that clearly the first chord was borrowing the third from another scale. I muted this and with held notes I at once got suggestions that served as a base for further explorations.

I unmuted that third and turned off held notes and started to look at how the suggestions might overlap, based on my chosen root notes. I very quickly got some ideas for which 2-3 scales might work the best and activated playback of the each scale and listened back on how it worked with the chords.

From this determined scale I could make some informed chord decisions for how create some suspension that I wanted to resolve into a specific chord of this scale. Very nice!

Totally worth the low fee. I'd like a few new features that I shared with the developer, but this is already very useful to get some quick insights on material.

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