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Name/Version: yaGroup - multichannel audio effects 3.5
Author: yarhammer  
Description: make any Live device multichannel capable
this device pair allows you to link Live's standard (audio) devices across tracks & sends.

v.3.5 with fixes and optimisation especially for Live 10.1

• 10 groups (A-J) are supported per live set.
• place ya_Master just before any of Live's audio effect device you want to make a master
• place ya_Slave just before the same kind of device in any other track, send or rack to make it a slave.
• any changes to the master device are also affecting all slaves of the same group
• any automation of the master device also affects the slaves
• pre configured master & slave racks for all Live standard audio effects are included.
• tip: experiemts of multiple slaved effects withing one track are fun too.

please note: These devices have been created for our own use and only been tested on Mac.
If you run into problems you may send reports and comments to
However, we do not officially offer support and might not be able to help or answer at all.

v2.3 fixed saving of the master's group setting.

a specialized version for EQ Eight that allows inverting the Scale parameter is also available here:

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Tags utility, other, dj
Live Version Used: 10.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.6
Date Added: Sep 21 2016 09:03:56
Date Last Updated: Jun 20 2019 17:09:43
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionNonCommercial


Very interesting. Just an idea though, if you were to implement an inverter then when you use the EQ you could have one track lower a frequency while the other track boosts that frequency. Very handy for carving a hole in a mix.

x 1000 !!!

That is exactly what I anted to do with this device!

I can do it by macroing an EQ inside a Audio Rack but it is cumbersome to say the least ...

i am afraid a useful inverter is difficult to implement with this solution as it would have to be device and parameter aware.
inserting a "stupid" inversion of the values would cause a mess and actually switch off all slave devices by inverting the switch of the master.
however, ya_Group can also be linked to an audio effects rack and its macro controls. so if you where to select the bands of interest and link them to macros that are linked to ya_Group? this could be a way.

btw. know that you can unlink and link devices next to ya_Group. just click the device name under the big group selection letter.

I hear ya,

I was messing about inside the device and noticed this exactly, simply inverting data does not work.

I was wondering would you be up for creating a device completely dedicated to EQ8 (or even better the fabfilter pro q2 ;) that would do the 'inverting' correctly.

Such device would be a godsend!!

Only the data from the gain knobs would be inverted. Other functions would be left as is. Keeping the 'scale' function un-ganged would be killer feature too.

Pretty please with a sugar on the top xoxoxox

... Actually ...

Simply removing the slaving of the eq8 'SCALE' parameter to the master device would accomplish everything!


using Scale here is the right way to go.
It will be looked into when freewheeling.

we will post a special ya_EQ8 version soon.

Sharing is caring:

Here is a version modded exclusively for use with EQ8:

the official and optimized version of ya_EQ8 is here:
including an inversion switch.

@Parametex I'd prefer You link to that instead as well. thanks.


just updated to 2.3 with a fix for the group setting of the master device

just updated to 3.0 with new smoothing option and optimisations.

finally updated to 3.5 to run smooth with Live 10.1

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