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Name/Version: Audio2Midi - Audio to Midi 1.0
Author: iorobertob  
Description: Audio To MIDI

Audio2Midi picks the audio from the channel, finds the pitch using fiddle~ and then sends a MIDI message to a MIDI Device in a Midi Channel.

The MIDI receptor is included in the zip.

The fiddle~ object is also included in the frozen Device. It is a compiled version for Max and Ableton 64 bit. OSX.

The device sends a midi message every time it detects an attack. This can be dampened to modify the sensitivity to either pitch or gain changes that trigger a message.

Note this is yet another pitch detector, but this includes the fiddle~ for 64 bits that proved hard to find.

Pleas use and abuse to find ways to improve it.

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Downloads: 5558
Tags effect, utility, other, hardware, beta
Live Version Used: 9.1.1
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Aug 26 2016 11:17:44
Date Last Updated: Aug 26 2016 11:18:47
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Device Type: audio_device
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Is it possible to use it on win7? I paste Audio to midi device to mic chanel and midi receptor ti synth chanel but it don't work. Could you advice what i should to do next?

Hi Kuzma,

I would not know if this works for win7, this is working here in OSX 10.11.6,

o, this is what I just did to set it up now:

1 Open Live
2 Drop an Audio2Midi.amxd device into an Audio Track.
3 Make sure there is audio input coming into the track, in this case it was my microphone.
4 Drop a MidiReceptor.amxd devide in a separate Midi Track.
5 Place any instrument or device that receives Midi numbers right after the MidiReceptor, so it turns the numbers into sounds.
6 Back in the Audio Track, you should be seeing the numbers in the Input section changing as the audio comes in. And you should also see an orange LED at the bottom right blinking everytime a midi message is sent. These messages are received in the Midi Track
7 Use the Gate Limits to threshold the levels of audio that will actually produce a midi signal.
8 Use the Damping knobs to control the amount of change that has to occur in the Note or Speed for it to trigger a new message.

This worked here, I am using Ableton Live Suite 9.1.1, Max 7.2.4, and OSX 10.11.6

If it still does not work, try opening the device and see if the fiddle~ object is active. It might be the case that because it is compiled for OSX it will not work in Win7.


Thank's a lot!
But unfortunately it still didn't work.
Anybody know where it is possible to find proper fftw3.dll for Win 7 64 and how I should install it correctly?


Oh I see, you are working with Windows, I think that is the issue, you might need to compile the fiddle object for 64 bit. That would be a good place to look into. I hope you get this

Hi there,

I have the device inserted in an audio track and receiving audio, but no input/output is indicated. Latest Max 7.3.4 and Mac OS 10.10.5. The device is showing audio input levels--any help would be great! Thanks


Same behavior as @sinkd described. Help is needed. Thanks.

I could not get it to work on Mac OSX 10.12.6. with latest version of Ableton and Max. I definitely see a good level of audio with green in the audio metering coming into the Audio2Midi device but no midi was registered.

Hi Roberto!

Thanks for sharing this device but I need some help!
I ve done everything as you described at the comment above but there is still not working...
I opened max editor of the Audio2midi device, and i realize that the object fiddle~ is colored like there is not such an object!
I m using the latest version of Live Suite and i m on a Mac...
What i should do?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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