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Name/Version: JL Microtuner 1.9
Author: redhexagonal  
Description: This is a micro tuner which uses a library of Scala files to micro tune hardware monosynths or polysynths. Set the number of voices for your synth, the pitch bend range of your synth (for optimal tuning this should be 1 semitone), the port to send MIDI to, and the desired scale, and the device will send channelized pitch bend to micro tune any polysynth that can be set to "MONO Mode" or "GUITAR Mode". It starts at MIDI channel 1.
Any mono synth that has pitch bend can also be micro tuned with Voices set to "1", with portamento slides intact. Thanks to Roman Thilenius for the Scala archive.
Note: Windows users need to deactivate the port out to your synth in Live's midi preferences, or the device port won't connect.
This should work on all platforms.
There is also a graphic which shows the pitch of all notes in a scale as angles, where one octave is 360 degrees. Active notes show blue.

-Fixed Mono mode bugs.
-Added slide value for mono mode. Set this to the same as your mono synth so that pitch bends don't jump and are faded in on legato notes.
-Added option to send MIDI out of device to track rather than its own port when in Mono mode, so you can use soft synths or other plugins like Silent Way.

1.7 fixed broken poly mode

Please let me know if this device works properly or not on your system.

1.9 fixed a major error with the bend range parameter. Be sure to update! Added non-expandable scales.

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Downloads: 1799
Tags utility, hardware
Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Jul 16 2016 12:52:11
Date Last Updated: Sep 03 2016 15:38:58
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercial

Device Files

Device File: Scala.Poly.MIDI.Microtuner imp 1.9 .amxd


hi! can i use this with vst synths? i try it but midiports don't work and it's says connection failure.

No, only hardware polysynths. I think theres a device system elsewhere that will tune vsts, but its a bit complex if they wont accept tuning files.

yes there is a vst tool for it and you can import tuning files but it's too old and buggy, also you can easily do it on reaktor too but still nothing on max.

very good ! but i get connection failure should this be connected?

It should auto detect MIDI ports, but you might ned to reboot the port, press 'Re". If that doesn't work, try loading the device again, or restarting Live.

You're trying to connect to an external hardware synth right?

"You're trying to connect to an external hardware synth right? "
yes doesnt detect my midisport 4*4 but the fireface 1 and 2.
it also detects micro lite 1-5 wich is not present. win 10 live 9.6 max 7
i rebooted and restarted several times.

Those are just the ports saved from my setup, the device hasn't detected your ports. Does Max give error messages? right click > Open Max Window

Windows users must deactivate the port their synth is connected to in live's midi preferences, or the device port won't connect.

anybody figure out how to get this to work with silent way?

max console says:
Error 126 loading external imp.midiinfo
Error 126 loading external imp.midiout
midi_mme: error 7 opening midi input device MIDISPORT 4x4 Anniv
midi_mme: error 7 opening output device MIDISPORT 4x4 Anniv

I deactivated the port my synth is connected to in live's midi preferences,but get connection failure still.....

I don't know then, sorry. I only have a Mac so i can't test Windows. You can have a look at the imp.midi site

In v1.6 you can send MIDI directly to the track rather than the device port, so you can play mono soft synths or to Silent Way with micro tuning.

i tested v1.7 on win but still get connection failure also i try manually send midi on ableton but it doesn't work either. btw thanks for your effort

The device will only send midi out to the track when voices = 1.
Have you disabled your synth's port in Live's midi preferences? If so what error message do you get from Max?( Right click, Max window)

I found the too and tried to install the missing imps, but whatever i did to install them didnt work. I wrote them an email but got no answer.

I then tried 1.7 and max console says:
Error 126 loading external imp.midiinfo
Error 126 loading external imp.midiout
newobj: !: No such object

i found this page about error 126 i dont understand it really but it seems there is a way to integrate the imps into the amxds.....

The device is frozen withh all its files so you dont need to install the imp.midi objects. I linked you so you can see the requirements for imp.midi to work on windows. You could even try mailing the guy who made them.
Its worth getting them working , afaik its the only solution for getting midi in and out of a device on Windows.

ohh i miss that imp button when i turned it off now it's workin with mono soft synths! well done mate! thank you very much..

Nice. Let me know if you get the imp. port working with your hardware synth

flawless!! just gotta find an easy way to edit the tuning tables on the fly.

Loving this device, really mint.
The only problem i have is that i don't find how to add a new .scl-file.
I have tried to edit the 110.scales file but i didn't succeed at getting my frequencies in the correct way (there are 71 of them, maybe that's the problem?). Could you give some explanation?

Sorry, the device doesnt load scala files. There is a library of scales, but you currently cant load or create your own. Maybe ill add something when I have time. Or you could!

Very nicely done! By deselecting the "imp" button and limiting to Voices = 1, I'm able to play Live's software instruments in mono (I set pitchbend to 1 octave in the instrument settings). I was hoping to get polyphony by splitting out notes sent to channels 2 to track 2, channel 3 to track 3 etc. but couldn't make it work. I don't have a hardware synth but I did try LoopBe1 ( virtual midi device to route the signals, no luck. Anything I try is Connection Failure, even when deactivating ports out in settings (I'm on Windows).

Would be cool if you could add polyphony for software instruments by routing the 2nd, 3rd, etc. keys held to individual tracks with their own instruments. Also would like to load my own Scala tuning files, but nice to see all the tuning options already available.

Im sorry it wont work with software instruments in Live because Live doesnt handle channelised midi.

Hello, Hope to find a response to this. Can I put my own scala files on the device? it has a vast variety by default and I don't want to check one by one if it fits with my desired frequencies key mapping

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