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Name/Version: Tails 1.0
Author: granaatan  
Description: This is a device that automatically records its input whenever you pause Ableton. Effectively recording the tails of your Live set. This way you can save your beautiful audio tails and reuse them in creative ways.

I recommend putting this device on your master channel.

You can save a file to .aiff .wav and some other formats by pressing the "Save buffer" button after recording a tail. This will open a folder selector window.

Device Details

Tags other
Live Version Used: 9.5
Max Version Used: 6.0.4
Date Added: Jun 01 2016 17:38:54
Date Last Updated: Jun 03 2016 08:58:33
Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None


This is a neat idea. Doee it record a new file every time you stop live so you can keep all of them?

Great idea. I can't figure out how to save the audio after it records a tail...??? Help appreciated. Thanks

Great idea. I can't figure out how to save the audio after it records a tail...??? Help appreciated. Thanks

You can save a file to .aiff .wav and some other formats by pressing the "Save buffer" button after recording a tail. This will open a folder selector window.

Hi, this is a great idea:). However, I can't seem to click the 'save buffer' button, it's displaying as unclickable text at the moment (even after I've saved a tail and can see the waveform in the display). Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

I have no clue why some of you seem to be having problems saving recorded tails. The button is banging a "write" message to the buffer. This should open an explorer/finder window to select a location to save to. It might be a permissions issue but I don't know yet. Will update the device if I find a solution.

Brilliant idea, and I'd love to weigh in as well as take advantage of this. But first I'd like to report some issues. I'm running latest El Capitan, latest Ableton 9, and latest M4L
1) Save button is not visible. Can get the save window up by clicking to the left of the word "save".
2) File is clearly specified aiff or wav in the dialog window, however the file reads as a text document. No extension is associated with the saved file. And it won't play. Even if you open the file with quicktime, its unreadable.

Onto some suggestions, unfortunately not with any insight as to what will fix the above issues, but some user case suggestions:
1) what if the wave image was drag and droppable into a clip, the way Looper files can be dragged back into a session?
2) what if a track stop button could also be used to trigger the Tail recording? That way a track monitoring incoming audio, say one set to resample, could record the tail when the clip stop was hit on that track. This would be highly desirable seeing as clips perfectly loop to the trigger quantize resolution but then chop off effect tails.

Otherwise, when using the device as it stands, you're stopping the transport, which is not how many folks produce. Live was practically built on the precept of real-time tracking, mixing, editing.

looking forward to your discoveries with this device!

Ok, my 2nd issue, not having a working file, seems to have solved itself this morning. I see that the same file is an .aiff image on my desktop today. Maybe I'm just having storage issues on my computer.

Oh man, and I think I answered my last question: unless the file is rendered and exported, it's not going to be able to create the result of the playback stopping as the effects continue. Would be neat if it could! A close best thing is your device!

As it stands, the only way to end a session built from resampled clips is to either stop all the tracks playing into a resampled track and then stopping the resampled track as it dies, add effects to the already effected recording or recreate the effects after having recorded the instrumentation dry. Or end all your tracks with a fade out! Ableton's Export also stops transport and will include tails at the front of the sample if rendered as loop.

And my 1st "what if" should read "drag and droppable to a clip slot", but I bet you knew what I meant. (Of course it could also be neat if it could be dragged into a sample window, but that's beside the point).

Okay, my apologies for being so pushy, particularly on a Sunday Morning. Still having issues with the saving. Maintained that hide extension in the save options was deselected. There's an additional problem which I'll illustrate below:

Tried multiple instances of this device, such that multitrack recording could result in tails for each instrument, not just the overall mix. Looks like it works! You could input monitor from many separate tracks, or put side chains through solo mode of a compressor/gate/etc. for each playback track into a single group audio rack, each chain with its own Tail device. Except the saving feature on Tails is preventing the desired results.

Not only that, when I listen back to each file in the Finder or Quicktime (which I can if I deliberately rename the file with the correct audio extension) every resulting Tail sounds exactly the same, i.e. it appears to be saving the same file despite each wave sample window in each Tail clearly showing me that I captured different content in each one.

This leads me to my final thoughts on functionality for the day, I promise: Might be nice to have a preview button on the device, before you're obliged to save it and before you loose what's captured. Also might be nice to have some multi-save feature. A master device that helps you go through the save prompt for multiple devices. Or like I mentioned, a drag and drop option. With stopping the transport and saving each track, it did grind momentum to a halt to go through each save option.

Okay, I'll steer clear of m4l at least for awhile! This device really has the chance to be a game changer! Currently folks, how do you capture your effect tails?

Same issue here with the save buffer option - PC Win 7 - maybe it is a permissions issue but also device actually looks different - its missing the two red circles next to save buffer and play recorded for me.

Ah so in answer to my own question :) Simply click where those circles should be!

So hopefully this helps others.

And thanks for this device - love it - it's particular great for capturing Reaktor weirdness after hitting pause.

I was having the same problem with the save to buffer button not appearing in the patch. Hope you don't mind but I opened up the device and patched in a new button and it works perfectly. To anyone else with the same problem and some basic Max knowledge it's pretty easy. Just find the "This button lets you write the buffer to the disk' comment.


Just wondering if there a simple way to increase the buffer size?

Guess I need to open and dig :)

Yep super simple - posting here for anyone else - just go in and adjust buffer, I'd suggest using x2 or x4 figures for the buffer, to keep even loop lengths.

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