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Name/Version: Problems Random Drum Machine 1.0
Author: RedBeats  
Description: This Device is a super-randomized, multi-clocked/triggered/timed dual drum-machine and sequencer that focuses on the Ratchet module that produces incredibly glitched-out, stuttered, fluttering sounds. These Ratchets create time-adjustable “N-Triggers” out of single Triggers. They work like beat-repeats where you can crush the time down and get unique sounds. So Problems starts out with a Clocker module running two different synced tempos/times. You can adjust these to whatever times you like. The Clocker has Trigger, Clock and Reset outs. The Trigger outs run to each ADSR and LFO A. The Clock outs run into two ClockDividers which run into the two Hit Drum-Machines. There is a Pulsar clock/trigger generator on the Left Channel triggering the Hats and an ML-185 Stage Sequencer on the Right Channel triggering the Hats and Percs on Drum-Machine Two and both ADSR Gates. It can also be Randomized to create different rhythms. The Hit Drum-Machine sequencer steps can be drawn in however you like, cleared or just left alone. This leaves us with the Probability modules. The Left Channel refreshes and randomizes at the 8 setting and the Right Channel 4 setting. This ensures a stochastic process for ultimate randomization. They too can be adjusted and tweaked at your leisure. They are triggered by their respective ClockDividers. They each trigger a snare drum and LFO A’s frequency CV. Then we have two ADSR Envelope Generators and two LFO A modules. Both ADSR EGs sound cool when tweaked and set to different time, voltages and curves. Both LFOs have a huge impact on the sound. Crank the LFOs when you ratchet-down on a beat. They are routed to the Effect and Filter modules. There is an Arithmetic module that is triggered by the Clocker’s Clock ½ outs. More random chaos and uncertainty. Changing its sign will switch it between modes. They range from Addition to Modulo. Arithmetic is routed to the Hit modules and LFO A’s depth CV. There is a Digital Noise module routed to the Red Filter and Reverb modules. The signal is summed, panned and CV routed into three Effects, the Reverb, Delay and Grainmunge Phaser. Then they run into a vintage FilterBank with adjustable D/W, resonance and gain. The FilterBank has a great impact on the sound when totally set to wet. There are two more Filter modules. The RED Gain Low Pass and Surreal Machines Precision High Cut Module. These two Filters are mapped to the Macros as are the Ratchet 1 and 2 Count and Time, the Grainmunge Phaser Dry and Wet, the RED cutoff, resonance and the Precision High Cut.


Macro 1 - Ratchet Count 1

Macro 2 - Ratchet Time 1

Macro 3 - Ratchet Count 2

Macro 4 - Ratchet Time 2

Macro 5 - Phaser D/W

Macro 6 - RED Cutoff

Macro 7 - RED Resonance

Macro 8 - HI CUT

Device Details

Tags synth, drum, sequencer, glitch, other
Live Version Used: 9.2
Max Version Used: 7.0.4
Date Added: Apr 16 2016 20:06:01
Date Last Updated: May 24 2016 22:28:19
Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike


This is an Oscillot preset right?


Yes it is.

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