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Name/Version: DNA Dynamic Note Arranger Generative Midi Device 4.0
Author: FredNev  
Description: DNA is a midi device which stores note data over 16 steps and generates random variations on what is stored. Perfect for bashing out ideas, and adding a bit of the unexpected into your compositions.


You can now use separate instances of the device on different tracks without crosstalk.

Navigation should be simpler through button restrictions etc.

Please watch this demonstration to understand how it works.

When you have had a play around with it, please complete this short survey, and drop me an email if you have any comments or find any bugs.

Note, I have found that the latest Max update is buggy, so the product should work best using 7.0.6.

thanks very much!


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Downloads: 1679
Tags drum, sequencer, other
Live Version Used: 9.2
Max Version Used: 7.0.4
Date Added: Apr 05 2016 03:25:03
Date Last Updated: Apr 21 2016 12:27:23
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: DNA Generative Device Version 4.0.amxd


This is genius. Works perfectly. Thank you so much!

Thanks for the feedback Jimlette! Glad you are enjoying the device! I am aware the interface and functions could be improved further. Ill be uploading a new version very soon!

What a nice device! Awesome really.
I've thought about something like this, sort of step-sequencing chords with some randomness, helpful for inspiration. Never found anything i liked. Until now. :)

Please see the latest update guys!

Thanks! The Comments Area is a great place to document your changes. And of course you can always increment your version numbers rather than rename it "Updated".

What I see is:
*the Mangle button is gone, but changing a selection in the option menu, or even choosing the same item again, will Randomize the values.
* New labels for "New" which I assume flushes the Note buffer. "Go!" Literally turns the sequencer on/off. But if I'm not mistaken, even viewing the Rec tab still saves new note variables, so I don't understand what is actually the button for "Okay, don't take in any more notes, just play the sequence with the round-robin notes you already have"
*Uncertain of where the third option for sequence is: if Drunk and Random are a toggle, then how do I default back to the sequencer just going in order? Or are the Random/Drunk options just for the order of notes saved in each step's capacity?

"comments area" I meant "Description", the write up area for the device itself

Hi Braduro,
Many thanks for your interest in my device. This is my first one, so it is lovely to hear that there are so many of you interested in using it!
I removed the mangle button as it was pretty much redundant, as you can simply select what you wish to randomise using the menu. It helped me to save some space.
?New? indeed flushes the note buffer, and then you have localised clears on record mode.

Go tells the device to generate midi. This is there to allow to user to play in notes with or without hearing the generated notes as well. Sometimes generating while inputting can be off putting.

The sequencer always moves in a linear fashion. Indeed, drunk and random relate to the order of notes stored in each steps capacity.

Hope this helps! And im open to more suggestions of functionality and improvements!



Filled out the survey, so I was hoping to add more observations here with your revisions:

So the rec tab has a field per step for capacity, "No."? And "Bejehdjfjeb"?-I'm watching on a smart phone and away from my studio. What is the reason for the third field? The number field advances with each entry, and we already know the capacity. We also know when the step flushes itself if it was already full. What I don't see is a number that indicates/labels which of the choices are currently being played on that step, and not sure if for performance of the device that I'd want it. I see the note and velocity read out on the bottom, but I don't see those change with each pass or step either, so note sure what they are there for.

Also, my note previously is a bit more clear if you consider a different user case: what if the track it's on is monitoring the clip or other sequencers, not note input? Then you might want a button to turn the note intake off so you can continue playing the what you've already captured and don't loose the buffers which might otherwise empty on another pass. Furthermore, you might consider a Thru option, so further notes are played passed your device but don't impact the memory of it.

Finally, "Clear" per step and "New" as a global control could be resolved-either word is suitable to describe both, I think. Without it I might think clear is just clearing the notes, not resetting the parameters of that step.

Cheers to you for building this! I wish I could take to learning m4l as readily as you did.

Hi my name is Ruben from Barcelona, i have a problem, in my "DNA Dynamic Note Arranger Generative Midi Device 4.0" is not appears generate buttom, why? im new in max for live, sorry. many thanks

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