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Name/Version: pptc - producing and performance toolchain 1.507
Author: pplabs  
Description: Adds a new mode to push, that lets you save & recall presets of devices you choose to preset in realtime. Perform Presets like Clips. Works with LaunchPad/MINI/genericMidiCtrls also.

contains the following devices:

It can be applied in sounddesign, jamming, arranging, mixing, mastering and performing on stage.

for videos + more info on the devices check

pp-labs producing & performance toolchain v1.5: do more with push!

requires Ableton Live Suite 9 or Live 9 Standard + MAXFORLIVE
tested on MS Windows 8/10 and OSX 10.10

pptc release notes

v1.507-tokyo, 2016/03
-support for Push1, Push2 (select Push in lpRemote, then press 2 times "Session" on Push)
-save presets from remotes on longpress
-delete Presets from remote: push->hold delete+Preset, launchpad->hold arm+preset
-highlight presets belonging to selected/edited track/device/chain
-initial release
-fixes, optimisations, help, updater, demo project

known issues:
-after closing liveset or lpRemote, Push usually gets stuck, solution: switch push off/on

v1.103-tokyo, 2016/01
-new layout mode for triggering 8 presets of 8 devices
-support for generic midicontrollers/keyboards: triggering 1st 12 presets of 8 devices through midinotes (lowest 8 octaves) from trackinput

all devices:
-help update

v1.000-tokyo, 2015/12
initial release

contained devices:


Device Details

Tags push
Live Version Used: 9.6
Max Version Used: 7.2
Date Added: Mar 24 2016 16:20:15
Date Last Updated: Apr 09 2016 13:43:22
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Attribution


Great stuff! Well worth the purchase. Is preset interpolation on the horizon??

Morphing of Presets in the most performable way I can imagine right now will be in version 2, given no technical problems out of our scope arise. But so far its looking good. Of course I can give no date yet as we've just begun to hack together & play around with stuff that will be done for version 2.


This is awesome! I have been cobbling together various devices to achieve the same end result. i even started some new devices of my own, but you've beaten me to it :) will definitely check this out as I am a Push1 user and have wanted something like this for live performances for quite a while.

Well done!

Just dipping my toes after having purchased a license:
With IP Remote, and way to extend support to LividInstruments Base and Base II? I purchased one to explore as a keyboard, but the action doesn't lend itself to pad playing. Matrix might be repurposed for a preset trigger...

Any interest in creating randomizer devices?
This project has long been abandoned, but I loved how you could exclude parameters and create ranges. Might be a fun addition to your suite of devices.

concerning support for more controllers, we are wading through all the 8*8 grid options one by one. right now, you can go the luxury route with push or, as a cheaper option use launchpads or if you can bear working without visual feedback use a generc controller. but it takes time and on the wish list there are still launchpad pro & akai mpc mini. but i can be persuaded to shift priorities if anyone can provide a controller for testing :)

concerning randomizing devices in a configurable way: that looks like an idea to consider for trackPresets or maybe a seperate device ... noted



Thank you so much for these devices!! I have a Push and a Launchpad OG. I'd been wondering what to do with the Launchpad for some time now and now it has the most perfect use. This makes putting together tracks in session view ten times better than before.


-Would it be possible to split an 8x8 controller with lpRemote such that you have two grids of 16 on the right side, and 4 vertical strips of 8 on the left (or visa versa)? Sort of splitting the difference between 8-vertical and 4-square mode, and allowing you to control 6 preset devices.

-Of course mixer/fader/send control presets would be awesome; I imagine someone has already requested that.

Again, thank you for such a simple and intuitive suite of devices.

thanks for devices!
they are great, purchased pptc toolchain recently.
unfortunately, found them not useful for me. I even don't have launchpad or push..
so if anyone want to buy them for half of the price, you're welcome!


maybe you can gat in contact via email and can elaborate a bit on the reason it didnt fit with you workflow? Would be highly appreciated!


Thank you so much for making this device. I haven't been playing music as much as I would like lately but I've been looking to simplify switching effects. Push 2 make it pretty awkward for me compared to push 1 and this device helps immensely.

However a feature that I have not been able to find that actually works is a momentary effects grid. This device is so so close and if you could make a button to choose to make the preset buttons to be momentary on or as a toggle on toggle off button maybe even on and back off. that would be amazing. I was also just thinking how cool it would be if you could turn on two or three presets without the separate meta presets. I don't know if these modifications are possible with how the device is built, but it seems like it's so close to what I've been and pro ably many others have been looking for.

Thanks again

as i undrestand it you want the preest to be recalled on press and the resetted to the settings you camfrom on release ....
right now that takes 2 presses .. first trigger your 'null preset' then you hit button for momentary effect, then (quickly) you hit again the 'null' preset.

two or three presets ... just hit 3 buttons at the same time ... i dont know if i understand what you imagine here ...

hope i got it right .. thanks for letting me know the ideas!

is V2 coming soon?

I just purchased this; it took my money but the website is just not working and just hangs forever, won't let me download anything at all; I tried the links provided in the confirmation email and it says there is no such page. I'd really like to try these out so please fix your website or refund my cash. Thanks so much!

I am strongly considering purchase in order to be able to switch drum racks and instruments quickly while playing live. Is there any chance of future support for custom colors on drum rack pads, or for splitting the grid to have drum racks on one side and melodic grid on the other?
Thanks. Looks like great stuff.

hope you got the product now, there was a change in shop backend. if not please get in touch with support @

@ adammantium
the live modes & pptc modes on one grid, we cant do that ... but
you can use i.e. two launchpads and use one for normal live control surface mode (with session clips or melodic mode) and the other one permanentely switched to pptc mode. you also can use a combination of i.e. push & launchpads.

@ adammantium
just realized that multiple surfaces are possible only in latest beta

Where can I purchase/download the device. Seems all pages relating to this device are down! Thanks

Broked link.

Want to get the product(s) too. How to obtain?!

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