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Name | Version: RotaryX 1.0
Author: mwhammond
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: RotaryX is a mixing tool that allows you to map a wave function onto the Volume controls of 8 tracks. You then use a knob to creatively mix 8 sounds at a time.

It's basically a giant crossfader with 8 nodes, rather than 2.

RotaryX was inspired by Brian Eno's Thursday Afternoon. I was listening to the album one night, trying to count the layers of audio, and I noticed that at any given time there are 10 or more layers happening at once. Generally, certain sounds are foregrounded while others are in the background, but over time this changes: sounds drift in and out of view, changing the sonic landscape gradually. I thought: wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to creatively mix large quantities of audio? RotaryX is one way to answer that question.

To use it: choose the Track > Mixer > Volume where Track = the first track of the 8 you wish to control. Use the Control Knob to change the Volumes. Use Curve, Comp, Jitter, and Smooth to modulate the wave function.

You can also choose to control other parameters besides volume if you so dare.

Here's a track that uses RotaryX:


Live Version Used: 9.2.3
Max Version Used: 6.1.9
Date Added: Mar 15 2016 17:17:43
Date Last Updated: Mar 15 2016 17:36:27
Downloads: 461
License: None
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Device File: RotaryX.amxd


ive been looking for something exactly as you describe on Eno´s sound, hope this devices is the one, will try it right away!
i could not set it correctly wish a little video would be great

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