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Name/Version: Clip-Generator 1.0
Author: jonbenderr  
Description: ***Bugfix***

1/32 and 1/64 note lengths are no longer drawn as rests.

Clip-Generator generates midi clips for musical purposes. It is based off of work found in user Adphi's Step Recorder device found here:

You can set potential notes to be generated using a range of notes, or you can enable and select up to 8 notes. (Red circle toggles allow you to input notes from your midi controller/keyboard)

Toggles enable things. Orange sliders set the weight (possibility) for things to occur. If a toggle is disabled, that parameter will not occur and is not included in any weighting.

You can set a min/max random velocity range, or set both to the same value to have constant velocity.

You can also set up to 3 chord potentials in semitones and the probability in percent that they will occur. Chords are based off the root note that is originally generated. Chords can and will occur at the same time depending on your probability settings.

Note lengths and note rests are all weighted together.

Example: 1/4 note length is enabled with orange slider at max and a 1/2 note rest is enabled with orange slider set to max. There is an equal chance that either a 1/4 note length or 1/2 note rest will occur. If you decrease the 1/4 note length orange slider, there is less chance that the 1/4 note length will occur.

Note accents and note types function the same way, but are each independent.

Finally, set the clip slot you wish to generate your clip in. Set the number of notes you wish to generate. Press the big button.

Depending on how many notes you generate, there is a good chance notes will be generated well outside the clips default loop brackets. Adjust these brackets to taste.

Worth noting, if you write a clip to clip slot 2 for example, and then write again to clip slot 2, the original clip will be completely overwritten.

For extra fun, apply a scale from Live's Midi Effects! Trick your friends and family into thinking you're a virtuoso!!!

Demo videos:


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Downloads: 1439
Tags sequencer, utility, other
Live Version Used: 9.5
Max Version Used: 7.1
Date Added: Jan 19 2016 18:47:26
Date Last Updated: Feb 09 2016 17:25:04
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Device File: Clip-Generator.amxd


Interesting device, thanks for sharing!

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