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Name/Version: trackPresets 1.507
Author: pplabs  
Description: Saves instantly recallable Presets for all devices in the same Track or Chain. Presets can be triggered, saved and deleted from Push, Launchpad and generic Midicontrollers.

trackPresets is made to optimize your workflow when creating or improvising sounds and effects. It lets you look upon any combination of instruments or effects in a track as one entity. By reducing the whole lot of device parameters present in a track to one single preset, the sound of a track turns into an effectively performable parameter.

-Choose some instruments and/or effects in a track
-Tweak parameters in any of the tracks devices to your liking
-Save a preset
-Recall your settings with the push of a button

-new in 1.5: organize multiple trackPresets into 1 metaPreset, push1 & push2 support

trackPresets enables you to develop your sounds and arrangements without breaking the musical flow.

-saves parameters of instruments, audio effects and VST plugins (for configured parameters) in a track
-saved presets can be triggered, saved and deleted via Ableton Push 1, Ableton Push 2, Launchpad/MINI “user2” mode or midinotes from any midicontroller
-supports 16 presets for 98 songs, which are globally switchable
-works in midi tracks, audio tracks and rack chains
-is a MAX4LIVE device
-requires Ableton Live Suite 9 or Live 9 Standard + MAX4LIVE
-tested on MS Windows 8/10 and OSX 10.10

pptc release notes
v1.507-tokyo, 2016/03
-support for Push1, Push2 (select Push in lpRemote, then press 2 times "Session" on Push)
-save presets from remotes on longpress
-delete Presets from remote: push->hold delete+Preset, launchpad->hold arm+preset
-highlight presets belonging to selected/edited track/device/chain
-initial release
-fixes, optimisations, help, updater, demo project

known issues:
-after closing liveset or lpRemote, Push usually gets stuck, solution: switch push off/on

v1.103-tokyo, 2016/01
-new layout mode for triggering 8 presets of 8 devices
-support for generic midicontrollers/keyboards: triggering 1st 12 presets of 8 devices through midinotes (lowest 8 octaves) from trackinput

all devices:
-help update

Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 9.6
Max Version Used: 7.2
Date Added: Dec 28 2015 06:45:44
Date Last Updated: Apr 09 2016 13:42:31
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Attribution


purchases the pack and I am really stoked to see the potential!... but since I do not have a grid controller (like the launchpad...) is it possible for you to make a version of trackpresets (...and playingclips...) where the preset buttons can be mapped to MIDI notes?
THAt would be quite handy for those of us that still use the "black and white" keyboard controllers for this sort of thing!


we are discussing a good way to add support for that right now. will let you know when we have something to show, hopefully soon :)
best regards,

excellent news! Thanks Chris!

hey. cool device.

morphing between 2 chosen presets would be very cool, too.


Totally flat broke at the moment but definitely gonna fork out for this guy when I can afford it! :) Been looking for something like this for ages! :)

support for generic midicontrollers has been added in version 1.103.
right now we are looking into saving of presets from the midi controllers directly (so i.e righthand -> parameter tweaking, left hand preset saving). furthermore we are experimenting how it all can be made to integrate smoothly with abletons push controller.

a) Can this save mixer settings?
b) Can you constrain which settings you don't want saved (no sends, for example. Or no new preceding devices)
c) Can you save mixer settings across multiple tracks. For example ALL fader positions?

And +1 for morphing between two preset positions! That would be fun...

>a) Can this save mixer settings?

trackPresets itself saves parameters of devices sitting on the tracl, not the track parameters like send vol. if you had such a device on the track, that controlls this tracks sends, vol, pan) then these parameters will be saved in trackPresets. if it doesn't exist yet sounds like a handy device ;)

b) Can you constrain which settings you don't want saved (no sends, for example. Or no new preceding devices)

trackPresets simply saves all parameters on the same level (track or chain ) so in theory if you put a device for sends in an effect rack you can 'hide' this effect from trackPresets

c) Can you save mixer settings across multiple tracks. For example ALL fader positions?

been looking into this kind of thing. hopefully will end up in a mixer preset device. maybe something that saves all sends in the same group where the mixerPreset device sits. is on the list, thats all i can say right now.

d) And +1 for morphing between two preset positions!

right now i morph between presets in arrangement ...
i record automation by triggering the presets , the simply edit the sharp transitions i get in the automation lines...

technically it may be a little dangerous perfromance wise if a lot of parameters change from one preset to the next. anyway ill note the idea.



updated to v1.507

I?d like to get this device, but the website is down. How do I get it?

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