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Name | Version: SurroGate 1.0
Author: cooptrol
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: SurroGate is a sequenced audio gate, based on Ableton's M4L building block "CutHacker". I just added a 16 step sequencer. Also you can sequence the gate using Live's MIDI Clips. To do this you need to download my other device called SurroGateSender. It's a basic patch that you place on the MIDI channel where you have your Clips, and it sends Note On messages to the SurroGate you have on your audio channel. Search for it in the library.

April 2023: Corrected some UI bugs


Live Version Used: 8.1.3
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jul 04 2010 12:13:32
Date Last Updated: Apr 13 2023 14:33:39
Downloads: 3833
License: None
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Device File: SurroGate.amxd


cool stuff. But isn't this basically what the side chain does on the Ableton 8 Gate effect?
Mmm not sure about that, apparently Ableton's Gate doesn't have sidechain option, and I guess if it did, it would be a common audio siedechaining feature, like on the Compressor, not MIDI..
Yes, Abletons Gate DOES have a sidechain option.

But yeah, it is an audio source, not MIDI. So cool still.

Thanks for sharing it on here.
Cool!; the downloaded version misses the 'from midi clips' option though. Maybe wrong version uploaded ?
SORRY!!!!!! Now the correct version is uploaded!!
Wicked, thanks !

I made the fade out dial midi-automatable so I can draw curves in a clip, that's funky. It's easy: select dial, and in Inspector put modulation mode in Additive.

Thanks! Thats what i'm looking for (gate steps, not the midi trigger), but I'm unable to sync it correctly to live tempo. It's synced yes, but with an offset depending on when you hit live "play". is it only me ?
I know this is a VERY old post, but hopefully you still answer questions. How do you make this so step sequencer resets every time you hit stop on the transport? I just want it to always start on the first step

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