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Name/Version: Doc BuffShuff 1.2
Author: docprosper  
Description: This is a modified version of the Buffer Shuffler effect. I have added enable boxes for the forward, off, and reverse directions, and have added 10 preset selections (props to The Covert Operators). In addition, enabling a sequence button will automatically trigger the selected preset at the beginning of the next measure. This is useful for live switching between presets.

Version 1.1 assigns names to the pattr objects to enable saving of presets with Live sets.

Version 1.2 makes most of the parameters midi mappable.

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Downloads: 4159
Tags sequencer, effect, glitch, dj
Live Version Used: 8.1.4
Max Version Used:
Date Added: May 27 2010 08:56:05
Date Last Updated: Oct 27 2010 21:54:45
Average Rating (4) 4
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: doc BuffShuff v2.amxd


thanks you !!! great idea the way you modify it ! thanks !

This is a cool device it would have so much more use if the reset randomize dice and freeze buttons could be midi mapable... is there any way to do this?

cuc0ello - I will look into this.


i agree...this is pretty awesome but unless i can midi map the reset and randomize parameters i can really use it live. please let me know if you figure it out. :)

ok guys... version 1.2 should be midi mappable. Sorry this took so long; life is distracting ;)

ping me if there are issues with this new feature.

Can someone please confirm that there is a graphic embedded in this version? It works on my computer but I want to make sure it exported properly.

Loving this!

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