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Name/Version: Hawk-800 Editor 0.1
Author: JoeM  
Description: * Hawk-800 Editor *

Official GitHub repo with source and compiled releases.

I don't view this site often so please report any issues on the GitHub


Hawk-800 is a hardware hack for the Korg Poly/EX 800's by Mike Hawkins

* Requirements: This requires Max 7 to be selected as your Max binary in Ableton. Preferences -> File/Folder -> Max Application

This has custom UI elements that have been developed with Max 7. If you don't have a Max 7 license, that's ok. Just download the Max 7 app and point Ableton to that. Max 7 and 6 coexist just fine on the same machine

* Included SYSEX router for optional updates on patch change.

* Automation uses standard CCs. Make sure your track is armed to received CC data from the HAWK-800's midi port and also that a 'External Hardware' device follows this device in order for the Hawk-800 to receive CC messages from this device.

There are known bugs with combo boxes that may or may not require a firmware patch. I'm working it out with the firmware developer. This is a pre-release version to get test feedback.

More information about the Hawk-800 Mod for the Korg Poly/EX 800 can be found here :

Initial testing release

Device Details

Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 9.2
Max Version Used: 7.0.1
Date Added: May 12 2015 00:35:01
Date Last Updated: Dec 02 2022 01:28:43
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives


This is a wonderful device you made for us select few. I'd like to improve it so that it works well with Push, by reordering the parameters for control surfaces. OK by you? Do you want me to work off a newer version?

This is great!!!

I was going to make one for myself and am ecstatic that instead I can use this to get straight to creating with my newly modded EX800. Is there a reference manual for this? I am curious how to implement the randomize feature.

Amazing work and thanks so much for putting the time into this :)

No manual as of yet. Maybe once I fix the bugs. With winter coming I'll be spending my time on projects again.

re: Random. Pretty simple. Sections with their locks locked won't change on random. Everything else will. Some parameters are never random because I found them to not respond musically very like, like oscillator detunes and some others. If you hack open the patch, the Javascript contained within has a human readable list of parameters with true/false values for whether they respond to random if you want to customize it further.

Just seen this...about to finish my mod!!!!
Thank you very much for this!!!!

I will have a try and if you do not have any objection I would like to add a preset list so you can save presets in ableton directly.

Also planning a lemur version for anyone interested.

Hi all

did anybody else also have problems with the Bank Buttons?

I've bricked mine momentary while trying it out:

Re-Uploading the Firmware did fix it for me.
Happened 2x again since.


looks like my problem was related to corrupted patches, not your editor.

still there seem to be some bugs:
- EQ BASS causes a big Osc LFO in my EX800
- EQ TREBLE makes sound disappear sometimes

but restarting the synth fixed that always till now.

Updated the share link.

I think this was the last version, let me know if there are issues.

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