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Name/Version: Random Simpler Demo 0.8.2
Author: 11olsen  
Description: This Max4Live instrument is a sample player combined with an audio file browser to load samples. Navigate a list of randomly picked sounds from a selection of folders or with filenames matching your search terms. Break free from the folder structure that holds your sounds. With this update we blurring even more the line between intrument and browser.


- more fixes for Live 10 compatibility


- faster (less blocking) loading of soundfiles
- added file list, shows 128 random files out of all matches,
load and prelisten with the mouse, or select with dial, or iterate with next/prev buttons,
refresh list manually or automatically,
drag file / files from the device to somewhere else in Live (and use it as audio clip or a Simpler instantly),
select multiple files by holding down CTRL (CMD), select a range of files by holding down SHIFT
- mouseclick on waveform: upper half -> zoom/move, lower half -> play audio,
hold CTRL (CMD) -> set START, hold ALT -> set END (like before)
- only one filename-searchbar but with + and - syntax
- device has a toggle to be monophonic or 8-voice polyphonic (needs more RAM)
- filter presets are sorted and loadable with a mapable dial
- velocity to volume dial
- possible to load a file by dropping on the device (just in case)
- random start position feature
- dropping fav/ban tagging (replacing with something else in the future)
- compatibility fixes for Live 10


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Downloads: 1453
Tags sampler, utility, other
Live Version Used: 9.7.6
Max Version Used: 7.3.4
Date Added: Jan 07 2015 18:49:56
Date Last Updated: Aug 04 2023 10:24:54
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: Random_Simpler_v0.8.2_Demo.amxd


Hi. This device is great. I would love a full version of it. Would be nice to drag and drop a folder into it as well. Unless you can already do that? Nice work!

Hey, drop a folder to Live's Places and it will be available for selection in the device..

Hi. I tried it again and I cannot load a folder full of wav. files after dropping it into places. The folder does not show up. It gives a plus sign when moving into it, but does not show up.. I'm using Max 7.0.1 on 9.1.7 Live.

Hi, maybe you missunderstood. You need to drop the folder in Live's browser on the bottom-left corner, not on the device. this is why the device's places have a refresh button.
But actually you pointed out an important thing: it should be possible to simply drop folders to the device. At leats from lives browser because a folder from there is definitely already indexed in the database. I'm trying to implement that in an upcoming update.
Now follow the link and buy it ;)
No seriously, the longer you (extreme) test the demo and it's stable, the lower the chance that you'll be disappointed with the full version.

Yes!! Ok!! Works now!

I would love to see a version that uses the Sampler device. I would pay for that! :)

That would all be no problem if ableton provides a way to assign samples to their devices without using drag n' drop or hotswap. That would open up a lot of possibillities for experimental sample management.
Even the way i choose here (to build a m4l device like Simpler) was full of big stones. Not even a sample in a buffer can be saved with the Liveset. It feels like they don't want u to build complete integrated intruments other than synthies with m4l. It's like give them something to play but make sure nobody can build better instruments (samplers) than the provided factory devices.
Sorry, some frustration after years of hitting the wall.

wtf, don't take this last comment to serious. Sometimes it's frustration the other day it's 100% motivation again. ;) And it's not even true, you can include the current sample of a m4l device into the "Collect all and save"-process with live.drop (as I found out meanwhile).

v 0.6
The device now offers a little browser window to select any subfolder to be included. This is a huge step forward in terms of usability. Select a group of subfolders from totally different locations to form the basis for the random selection. Furthermore countless improvements under the hood. Please check out the changelog.
Max 7 is required.

"I would love to see a version that uses the Sampler device. I would pay for that! :)"
"That would all be no problem if ableton provides a way to assign samples to their devices without using drag n' drop or hotswap. That would open up a lot of possibillities for experimental sample management."

I really want to be able to do that! load samples to simpler, sampler, and wavetable...

Hi there, I purchased this last night but I was never sent a download link. can you help me?

No problem, I'm sending it to your e-mail now.

Oh noooo I was about to buy this but the website is down! Tried the demo a couple weeks ago, really cool device!

I'm sorry. Website will be up again next month.

Sweet! I will check back then. Thanks

any plans to put this back up still?

oh wait nvm I just was able to download lol. thank you!!

it's unavailable? I don't see it on the addition, I had problems (crashes) in the new version of ableton 11.1.42, decided to check how long ago random simpler was updated and could not find it now, it's a pity. I have used it in almost all projects

sorry, I mean 11.1.1. Live crushing when I flip through files in random simpler

Yeah, I took it down because it wasn't working anymore on Mac. Hope to re-release it soon.

Commenting to backtrack

new version coming very soon! see device pic, please do not download the old demo anymore.

@11olsen excited about it!

Don't know if Im not understanding something but all I'm getting is a clicking noise when I load it . It doesn't seem to work

@0m you need to wait for the new version :)

I'm currently finishing the new version. sorry I can't remove the download without adding something new.

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