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Name | Version: DR-Helper 1.0
Author: keikusama
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This is a utility device for Ableton Live's DrumRack (especially for Push users).

Herer is tutorial mov:

Below contains two devices.

DR-Helper ("DrumRack Helper")
DRH-Receiver ("DrumRack Helper's Receiver")

When you want to play a hardware drum machine or a 3rd party drum instrument plug-in, insert "DR-Helper" on a drum pad that you want to play and press "send to :1".

Next, create a MIDI track, insert "DRH-Receiver" and click "Receive from 1" to allow MIDI data to that track. You can set any hardware drum machine (via External Instrument plug-in), or NI Battery, XLN Addictive Drums, BFD, and more after this DRH-Receiver plug-in.

If you want to play other drum pads on the same machine, insert Helper plug-in on the pad, and set "send to :1".

In addition, the DR-Helper supports Solo function. When setting Solo On any drum pad, DR-Helper (inserted on the other pads) will stop sending MIDI signal.
(Please disable the Exclusive Solo setting in the preferences page)


Live Version Used: 9.1.5
Max Version Used: 6.1.8
Date Added: Oct 27 2014 11:01:46
Date Last Updated: Nov 20 2014 04:56:51
Downloads: 4

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License: AttributionNonCommercial
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Why use this over routing, it's perfectly possible without any additional max plugin to play a external or internal 3rd party drum machines with the push drum sequencer.

I don't see the use I can also route the same pattern to several drum machines at once, more than 4, and it's not even complicated to do so.

No offense, just wondering and confused.
Hi, Anivia.

This device makes it available DrumPad's Solo function on DrumRack.

Please watch my tutorial video.
nice work....
Hi Keikusama,

While searching for a similar solution to that case I found your solution exciting: well done !
It works fine, however I face an issue more related to the nature of the solo function.
In my case, I use a single track for:
- my external instrument (I do not trig any particular midi, just used to send out the main stereo out from my drum machine)
- several pads sending specified midi note and CC (using some M4L patchs to automate external instruments parameters)

While the MUTE function works as a charm (it just mute the specific pad selected, as expected), the SOLO function is muting the pad containing the external instrument sending out the audio signal (> no audio!)
This is not an issue with your patch or Live, it's actually the expected behavior of a normal SOLO function: as per design.
Which let me think, I should rather contact Ableton to discuss about that or re-organize my live set structure and then use a separate track for my external audio (which is currently not possible).

I am not sure there is any thing I can do with either your patch or any M4L patch: Ableton will always mute ALL pad except the one selected when activating the SOLO function.
I will have to change my mind...

Nevertheless, good work!
while SOLO works, MUTE seems not to be working for me, has anything changed?
thankyou for your help.
i've been searching for the solution to use drum rack for midi device. drum rack make midi notes, and sound through another track.
I did it at last. thank you very much.
Hi Keikusama

Very good idea, really useful.
As I experiment problem with mute in drum rack, I modify your patch to add a mute monitoring and management and it seems to work. If you are interested, just mail me and I will sent it :
Thank you
Excellent! Thank you!

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